Tools of Unknown Use and Other Works

Looking above, the sky is shifting and birds are soaring large owning a independence that individuals yearn for. looking below, fragments of earth are peeking by utilizing the cracks within your difficult cement. looking ahead, strong trees are eclipsed by man’s towering structures; and, looking even additional there may be the vastness using the landscape we inhabit. … Continue Reading


Hand Tool

Swaging unit is critically a twist employed to tighten the cable. They are in any way occasions best quality made, and several of them ar zinc-plated for reliability and durability. This unit could possibly be in any way occasions employed to offer using the copper, aluminum, or brass cable, so it is critically a effective tool. on this article, I will introduce the utilization with this type of tool. … Continue Reading


Porter Cable 12V Reciprocating Saw + Drill Kit Deal


We briefly advised Porter Cable’s 12V drill/driver, and were appealing admiring with it. It’s not the lightest, shortest, a lot of feature-rich, or a lot of able 12V assignment on the market, but it’s absolutely congenital and delivers abundant performance. … Continue Reading


Milwaukee M18 Brushless Drill Driver

Like Milwaukee’s new M18 Fuel bang drill, their new cordless assignment (2603-22) will aswell affection a brushless motor. There’s added adorned new tech advised into this drill, a lot of of which you can apprehend about in our Milwaukee Fuel preview. Official data and blueprint accept just been fabricated available, and from what we can acquaint appropriately far, the assignment is appreciably able for its size. … Continue Reading


Kobalt Multi Drive Wrench Full Hands-on Review

Kobalt’s Multi Drive Wrench, a new dog-bone appearance atrium wrench, has become acutely accepted with anniversary shoppers and is aggressive arch to arch with Black & Decker’s new ratcheting ReadyWrench. … Continue Reading


Sierra Leone announced four new bullet 2004 5350


Sierra Bullets is appreciative to advertise the accession of 2 new bullets to its all-encompassing band of hunting and ambition bullets. These new abundant assignment bullets are advised for use in the able new .500 S&W cartridge. These bullets action an acutely tough, abundant anorak for abysmal assimilation and a cannelure to abate ammo movement during recoil. The anorak has six skives to aid uniformed expansion. Manufactured to Sierras’ austere tolerances’ and packaged in boxes of 50, Sierra #5350 is a 350 atom JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) and Sierra #5400 is a 400 atom JSP (Jacketed Soft Point). For ample bold area abysmal assimilation is required, the #5400 will be an accomplished choice. For added amplification and beneath penetration, the #5350 will be a abundant choice. As consistently with Sierra bullets, accurateness with both bullets is outstanding.


Reloading 12 ga Shotshells – On the Cheap! (Part 3)


Some sockets, a dowel, the 1/2 inch washer from before, and a screw driver to use as the decapper.  In the photo, the 7/8″ and 22 mm sockets, and the two drivers are redundant.  You only need one of each.  And, as you will see, I used the punch from part 2, rather than one of the drivers. … Continue Reading


Reloading 12 ga Shotshells – On the Cheap! (Part 2)


As mentioned in part 1, we’re dealing with 12 gauge shotshells.  To get things started, I needed a way to decap the shells.  For the best fit, I needed a 7/8″ hole in the wooden block, to keep the shell from sliding around.  I couldn’t, for the life of me, find my 7/8″ wood boring bit. So, I had to step up to a 1″ bit. … Continue Reading


Reloading 12 ga Shotshells – On the Cheap! (Part 1)

12 gauge Shotshell Hulls

Shotshell reloading isn’t quite like reloading metallic cartridges.  With shotshells using smokeless powder, you don’t deal with “starting” loads and “do not exceed” or “maximum” loads.  Modern shotshell loads use “recipes” that call for a specific powder charge, a specific wad, and a specific charge of a certain type of shot (or slug) in a specific hull.  Deviating from published recipes is absolutely not recommended.  Only the most experienced shotshell reloaders should even consider deviating from published data. … Continue Reading


Our product is the best

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