It’s a WOOT-Off – Check Throughout the Day for New Deals!

Just to allow you know, there’s a WOOT-Off on the way on right now. WOOT is genuinely a standard one-deal-a-day on the internet store that people look at day-to-day and frequently purchase from. just about every now after which they possess a WOOT-Off, precisely where they founded up a brand determine new merchandise quickly pursuing an product sells out.

There’s no telling what else could be marketed all through this WOOT-Off, but within your previous they’ve marketed multi-tools, Dremel tools, hand tools, energy tools, as well as other equipment and home improvement-related products. … Continue Reading


Craftsman C3 19.2V Power Tools, to Buy or Not to Buy?

Last week, Don sent us an email, asking for our views on Craftsman’s C3 collection of 19.2V cordless energy tools. He purchased a combo package deal 4 many years ago and recently additional an effect driver and compact Li-ion battery, but says he’s now sensation a little of buyer’s remorse.

Don has observed how the C3 choice and availability is not what it employed to acquire and is also questioning if Sears and Craftsman are on the way to retain the collection going, or if he just produced an cost in a really soon-obsolete cordless platform.

And with newer 12V compact methods capable of fulfilling most DIYer needs, would that are already a a good offer better investment? … Continue Reading


Facom Cantilever 5-Tray Tool Box

If you do not personal a cantilever gadget box, you do not know that which you are missing! I ordered a Hazet 190L gadget box a few weeks back, and have in reality grown to such as the design. The cantilever mechanism is even now merely a tiny stiff, but in inclusion to that it operates like a charm.

I have made a decision which i need a 2nd one, but am not that fond within of the Hazet’s stiffness or its $135 price. I took a appear on the extensively readily available and affordable exceed cantilever gadget boxes, but could not find out just one huge enough to suit my needs. Luckily, there is one more desirable option.

Facom Cantilever gadget Box Closed … Continue Reading


Hammer Drill Driver vs. Impact Driver, What’s the Difference?

In a reply to some latest offer article that pointed out each a hammer drill and result driver, Steve left us a comment asking concerning the variations in between the two. that is a amazing question, one we experienced been meaning to handle for just about any while now.
What is in reality a Hammer Drill?
DEWALT DCD985L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Premium Hammer Drill Driver Kit

Typical Cordless Hammer Drill

A hammer drill/driver is in reality a drill using a specialized “hammer” mode that is used when drilling into masonry just like brick, cement, and comparable materials. The hammer mode can typically be turned away to ensure how the drill may properly be used as an common drill/driver. The hammer drill features do include merely a tiny toward the weight.
Hammer Drill Summary: … Continue Reading


New Swanson Savage Pro Hand Tools Preview

Swanson, most effective recognized for their ubiquitous percentage rectangular design, is launching a producer new collection of specialized hand options below the Savage producer name. Here’s a fast preview of some from the brand new options you can anticipate to decide in 2012.
Savage Illuminated Levels

Swanson Savage Illuminated LevelsThese new lighted ranges will in all likelihood be accessible in 24″ and 48″ lengths. every one qualities three LED-lit vials, a steady uninterrupted rail, “SuperShock” endcaps, with one another with a durable extruded box aluminum frame. … Continue Reading


Craftsman Experience Gets a Remodel

The Craftsman know-how over in Chicago was a quite neat place, even if it do fail to encounter my “tools as much since the eyesight can see” expectations .
i experienced been there back again in June as an instructor for their “Blogger’s Summit.” I met numerous awesome individuals and do numerous pleasant things. There experienced been also fascinating decorations, that consist of the Craftsman ratchet toiler cardstock holder. a great offer of awesome job films arrived out in the social-media-oriented studio, that consist of the Craftsman toolbox speaker build. … Continue Reading


Stapling for Blind Fixing

Pneumatic bradders, carry out nailers or framing toenail guns are no doubt handy tools, and most woodshops or carpenters could have an arsenal of them within their system stash. But a pneumatic stapler is sometimes the much better option in lots of instances, especially once the repairing or staples will not be observed within of the carry out product.

Hitachi Narrow Stapler

Hitachi Narrow Stapler

A beneficial example is cupboard backing. I just recently finished a customized safe-keeping cupboard role in my home renovation and I rebated 5/16” plywood to the back again belonging to the melamine carcasses I experienced constructed. … Continue Reading


Five Tips For Table Saw Purchasers

If you have not owned a table saw before and are considering purchasing one for woodwork, consider these following five points before you run out the door with a fat wallet to buy one…

1.) Portability. that is maybe the very best intent a man or ladies could possibly purchase just one sort of table saw greater than another. huge cupboard saws are some in one of the most very helpful featured table saws available, but you can overlook attempting to cart them near to from the one website to another. several weigh in surplus of 500 pounds! more compact saws are produced to acquire portable, but could possibly not be as durable or as full-featured as their bigger counterparts. should you need portability, you need a lightweight saw, should you are not preparing to proceed it after in place, spend less your pennies and obtain a cupboard saw – you will not regret it! Wheel kits or cellular bases for table saws could be amazingly handy indeed. … Continue Reading


Basic Compressor Care

Air compressors are very handy machines to have around the home or workshop. They can perform many tasks with appropriate air tools and accessories, like power nailing, spray painting, inflation and air dusting to name a few. Owning a good quality compressor pays off in the long run, but the compressor owner needs to keep their machine in good working order to guarantee its long term operability and protect your hard earned money that you invest into it.

Thankfully, maintaining a compressor is really quite easy. There are only a couple of things you need to do at home that will go a long way toward ensuring efficient operation and to extend your compressor’s life span. … Continue Reading


New Swanson Savage Pro Hand Tools Preview

Swanson, finest acknowledged for their ubiquitous fee rectangular design, is launching a brand recognize new collection of licensed hand methods below the Savage brand recognize name. Here’s a fast preview of some near to the brand new methods you can anticipate to create in 2012.
Savage Illuminated Levels

Swanson Savage Illuminated LevelsThese new lighted quantities will possibly be accessible in 24″ and 48″ lengths. every sole features three LED-lit vials, a constant uninterrupted rail, “SuperShock” endcaps, as well as a durable extruded box aluminum frame.
Savage Box-Beam & I-Beam Levels … Continue Reading

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