Leatherman Wingman for $25

Leatherman’s Wingman multi-tool is their newly made “value-priced” multi-tool. As using the Sidekick we reviewed last month, the Wingman is getting marketed toward people attempting to locate a low-priced entry-level or backup multi-tool.

The Wingman features: a 420HC stainless metal partially serrated knife blade, spring-action mixture pliers, large scissors, metal file, 1″ ruler, a package deal opener, can and bottle opener, and three screwdriver tips. … Continue Reading


Makita Compact Router RT0700C

Makita will shortly be releasing a producer new router and router kit, designs RT0700C and RT0700CX3, that provide all round performance and versatility in the lightweight and compact package. such as the Porter cable tv set and Dewalt compact routers, Makita’s new router is somewhat of the hybrid design and design among laminate trimmers and full-size routers.

The RT0700C router features a 1-1/4 horsepower engine with variable fee control, 10,000-30,000 RPM, collectively with a soft-start function. Speed-control circuitry guarantees how the fee is held constant, even below load. … Continue Reading


Sears’ Tool Department – Great for Holiday Gifts and 365 Days/Year

A few of many years ago, I could suit all of my hand options into just one convenient toolbox, and two small conditions housed all of my energy tools. But as my would like grew, so do my product collection. Quantifying how countless options I individual nowadays is recognized like a frightening prospect, so let’s just say I individual an ideal offer over your common DIYer.

After sending some suggestions to Sears concerning my holiday purchasing experiences over the net and in-store*, I realized which i experienced an ideal offer an ideal offer more I could write about in an extremely post. … Continue Reading


909 Oscillating Spindle Sander Woodcraft Deal

Over at Woodcraft, they’ve complement the 909 oscillating spindle sander on selling for $100. it is obtained a 3.5A motor, heavy duty cast metal table top, dirt assortment port, and 5/8″ stroke length.

Spindle sanders create awesome last results when smoothing out curves, and using a DIY-made fence you can use them to flatten edges as well. they undoubtedly are a substantial activity up from drill press-mounted drum sanders. … Continue Reading


ToughBuilt Tool Pouches and Bags on Sale at Sears (Many 50% Off!)

ToughBuilt could possibly be considered a producer I experienced by no implies observed of until about a thirty days or two ago. They make equipment bags, purpose belts, pouches, as well as a few interestingly produced options and purpose accessories. last thirty days I ordered a ToughBelt equipment belt and energy bag accessory, for equally evaluation and individual use. … Continue Reading


Sears Massive 2-Day Tool Sales Event + Craftsman Impact Giveaway!

We’ve acquired term that, on Monday and Tuesday (12/12-13), Sears could possibly be holding a tremendous income celebration that is stated could possibly be comparable to their dark Friday and Cyber Monday events.

One inside the merchandise which could possibly be heavily cheaper could be the Craftsman Nextec correct angle effect driver, which we reviewed merely a little much more than a yr ago. Our buddies at Sears understand that people are really fond inside the RAID driver, and offered to mail one much more than for us to provide away! To key in to succeed one of those neat drivers, merely leave a comment in reply to this post.
Craftsman Nextec correct Angle effect Driver … Continue Reading


Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears Customer Experience Report Card

We ordered quite a few products from these big equipment and home enlarger options greater compared to previous month, and believed to game with one another a short remedy Shopper-type report. Opinions are created from equally in-store and on the internet purchase experiences, and ignores components like equipment selection, brand determine availability, and pricing. … Continue Reading


Craftsman V4 Tools on Clearance,Possibly Discontinued

Craftsman’s extremely new V4 4-volt compact cordless assets are 75%-off this weekend. We picked up a flashlight at 50%-off two days ago, and three within of the screwdriver and cutter combo kits last evening at about $18 each.

We also attempted to purchase relatively a few spare batteries and separate assets (rotary tool, headphones, additional flashlights) devoid of success. At much lower than $4 each, we experienced other utilizes in views for individuals lithium ion batteries. And at 75%-off, another assets would have been completely in handy.

Unfortunately, all however the 2-tool combo arranged found out in stores have been completely marketed out. both that, or control pulled the batteries from show and execs capped share quantities on collection to extention the purchase longer.

Last day these assets experienced been advertised at 50%-off, and now 75%-off. Why? Our guess could possibly be the actuality that maybe these assets are getting discontinued. right here is ordinarily a discussion we experienced owning a full-time system dept. associate at our nearby Sears:

TG: can you have any within of the Craftsman V4 batteries in stock?
Sears: The what? I’m not acquainted with that, could you describe it?
TG: they are the brand new compact 4V tools. there is a show greater than there, however it appears such as the batteries experienced been all marketed or moved.
Sears: Let’s stroll greater than there, I’m even now not particular about whatever you are referring to.
*We stroll greater than toward the Craftsman V4 show which has long been up for on the very very least 4 weeks.*
TG: Here’s the display.
Sears: Oh, wow, this could possibly be the original time I am seeing tools! … Continue Reading


Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera for $229!

Don’t worry, we will not create a habit of those off-topic posts. it is just that we’ve been purchasing for just about any new ultra-portable electronic camera for area purpose and have been genuinely astonished to locate the Canon S95 priced so ridiculously low. The electronic camera is often priced at $320-350, cutting from last year’s $400+ launch price, producing today’s $229 selling worth (with certainly free one-day shipping) a massive deal. … Continue Reading


Hand-Powered Compact Grinding Wheel

I occasionally wish that there is some sort of the compact grinding wheel which i could just mount to my bench to take advantage of and hide in an extremely toolbox for storage. To my surprise, this kind of the unit in simple fact exists! Engineer Inc. will make two this kind of grinders, variations TG-01 and TG-02.

The more compact grinder (TG-01, below) capabilities a 75mm x 13mm grinding wheel, in add-on to the bigger one (TG-02, above) consists of a 100mm x 25mm wheel. Tabletop edge-clamp potential is 24mm and 32mm, respectively.
Engineer Inc TG 01 Grinder … Continue Reading

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