Husky 22″ Plastic Tool Box Review

Husky 22 Inch broad method unit Box

Husky’s new 22″ plastic material unit box skills a wider method than most other people i have seen, producing it terrific for bulky products as well as energy tools. It skills a one-handed latch, a at ease rubberized handle, as well as a removable plastic material unit tray.

I’m currently working over a celebration of unit box reviews, and so I brought the Husky along to my parents’ house, hoping for just about any 2nd opinion. subsequent examining them all out, my father pointed in the direction of the Husky, declaring it his favorite. merely a tiny while later, he even inquired me to purchase him one.

Okay, so my father likes the unit box, and wishes one for his hand or garden tools. No huge deal, right? Wrong, it is a enormous deal. My father amazingly rarely asks me to purchase something for him. The last place he inquired for was a LensMate filter adapter for his Canon SX camera, and that was practically 19 weeks ago. This movement image will show you why he likes the pattern so much:

If anybody has any inquiries about what it could and cannot hold, do not hesitate to ask. It holds cordless means no problem, using the exception of round saws unless you leave out the plastic material tray.

Roomy interior
metal latch
One-handed opening
fast closure
Reasonably well-thought out removable tray
No gimmicks of unnecessary frills
Well-balanced and at ease to carry
DOES NOT idea OVER! (This could possibly be the element that my father raved most about)

Minor Cons:

One-handed opening is not “one-touch”
Only supplied in one size


In all, this really is in reality a amazingly great box that is challenging to uncover fault with. It is amazingly properly designed, within and out. That it calls for one hand to available and never just one-touch is in reality a minor gripe. The latches on this box certainly are a leap forward when in comparison with other unit bins from the Husky’s worth range.

If you are searching for just about any new unit box, be good to look at out the Husky in-store. I nonetheless have not founded up my views concerning no create a difference whether it is my selected of each of the brand new reproductions that just arrived out, however it is certainly huge up there. I also cannot say no create a difference whether it will sustain as a good offer as certified use, however it certainly feels to acquire robust enough for heavy DIY use.

The Husky 22″ unit box could possibly be ordered from advantage Depot for $25. be aware that best suited now it appears to acquire an in-store-only item. It appears that Keter could possibly be the OEM, so we may sooner or later on see other producer names near to the identical unit box.

The sample featured on this evaluation was ordered at retail.


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