5 Hand Tools That Draw the Most Blood and Curses

I was reading the new comments to last week’s  post, and started thinking about some of the tool-related injuries I suffered as a child. Few came to mind, so I expanded the time frame.

It’s a fact of life – accidents happen. A slip-up here, mistake there, and you’re off to the first aid kit. (You do have a first aid kit in your shop, right?!) Following are 5 hand tools, well 4 hand tools plus 1 kitchen tool, that liberated unexpected levels of blood from my fingers and hands over the years.

Everyone is careful about utility knives, general purpose cutters and scissors, or at least they should be – it’s the small tools, not just the sharp or point ones, that one has to be especially mindful of. … Continue Reading


DIY Craftsman Tool Box Speaker

Earlier this morning Make posted particulars about a current Craftsman knowing project, in which Artpentry’s Floyd Davis hacks a Craftsman product box in to a trendy Gentleman’s boombox. even although it is not uncommon to ascertain DIYers create computers, speakers jointly with other tech products into product boxes, that is amid probably the most effective looking illustrations we’ve actually seen.

The Craftsman knowing assignment is centered near to some Craftsman 4-drawer product chest, but there are countless other product box brands, variations and editions to pick from. … Continue Reading


The Quick Change System

One using the most effective troubles delaying reloading bench, has long been my prepared fast alter system. offered which i want this type of the precise suit in between the bench as well as the fast alter products (QCU), I come going to be hesitant to begin slicing (a mistake will reselling price me a at very least of $48 for just about any new sheet of plywood).

I know most woodworking stores will make cuts such as this all evening long, devoid of breaking a sweat, but I do not have precision tools. I’m stuck producing utilization of straight edges, clamps, as well as a affordable round saw.

So, I hoped that sharing my programs would support lose some lumination on why i have been somewhat unproductive. … Continue Reading


Craftsman Contour Powered Tool Storage

Earlier this month, Craftsman announced their new Contour powered unit bins on the customer Electronics Show. the brand new ball bearing chest and cell cupboard combo is built to the multi-tasking Do-It-Yourselfer who desires to amp up the workspace. at the same time to storing tools, the powered Contour method is built to connect jointly with your audio tracks and phone. … Continue Reading


New Craftsman Nextec 12V Jig Saw

Craftsman recently announced a brand name new Nextec 12V compact palm-grip jig saw, which boasts an ergonomic type and reduced center of gravity for remarkable control. The design and design is strikingly totally different by means of the brand new Milwaukee M12 jig saw and Ridgid JobMax jig saw introduced previous due last year.

The Craftsman Nextec jig saw attributes a variable pace engine that delivers 1400-2500 strokes every minute, … Continue Reading


Victorinox SSD Swiss Army Knife


Victorinox has just announced a brand name new collection of USB 3.0 SSD Swiss Army Knives. Their flash USB thumb drives are already inside the marketplace for some time now, and should are already retailing properly for Victorinox to think about problems a actions further.

These new SSDs are USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and eSATA compatible. the brand new drives could be obtainable in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 1TB potential sizes, with look at speeds as a complete great offer as 220MB/s and compose speeds as a complete great offer as 150MB/s.

Each SSD module skills a bi-stable fluid crystal display graphic display, 96x48px monochrome, that displays generate contents and obtainable capacity. The show remains to be on even once the SSD generate is unplugged from the computer.

The SSD modules could be bundled with two knife bodies – just one skills a blade, scissors, toe nail document and essential ring, another is bladeless. A Victorinox protection and energy suite is pre-installed in the direction of drives.

Price estimates are not however available, but there are rumors of $450 to the smallest 64GB design and higher than $2000 to the 1TB model.


ESEE Candiru Neck Knife Sneak Peek


ESEE knives has quietly announced their new Candiru fixed-blade knife. The Candiru is scaled-down compared to hugely favored Izula neck knife, as well as skills a slightly many blade and look after profile.

ESEE Candiru Knives color Options

Although some are calling the Candiru a neck knife, it appears much more like a boot knife or compact electricity and survival knife. The ESEE Candiru knife also arrives using a low-profile Cordura sheath that will certainly increase its carryability. which is the just one concern I have with my Izula – it is a little bit as well huge and indiscreet for every-day-carrying (EDC) in an urban or workplace environment.
ESEE Candiru Knife with Sheath

Photo by Jeff Randall
ESEE Candiru Knife Sheath

Photos by Jeff Randall … Continue Reading

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