Channellock’s is an Example to be Followed

I was browsing Channellock’s internet website another day time and was very pleasantly astonished by what I found. when you can see through the above display capture, Channellock is openly disclosing that their screwdrivers and nutdrivers are produced overseas. That available disclosure (not the simple fact how the motorists are imported) must acquire praised.

You could possibly be questioning why this really is significant. Well, have you actually emailed a institution asking about precisely where a specific product is manufactured? In my experience, only about 50% of the sort of inquiries are actually answered. Some companies, just like Channellock, respond to COO (country-of-origin) inquiries totally and promptly even although other people provide delayed vague responses or choose to disregard this sort of inquiries entirely. … Continue Reading


The New Leatherman Freestyle

Leatherman’s new Freestyle is because of acquire unveiled in May, and we are really excited. Leatherman’s Freestyle is dependent away of the Skeletool design, but whereas the Skeletool may possibly be considered a full-size tool, the Freestyle is slightly more compact and lighter, producing it a additional pocket-friendly tool. Full-size knife? Check. Full-size pliers? Check. “I want one now” factor? Check.

A small greater than a yr ago, we saw images using the quickly to acquire unveiled Leatherman Freestyle. in the time, the Freestyle was intended to acquire a decrease providing price edition using the Skeletool, replacing the touch holder possessing just one screwdriver tip, with Zytel utilized through the deal with as opposed to aluminum or carbon fiber. … Continue Reading


Pneumatic Starter Kit

Ridgid is coming out acquiring a producer new air-powered engine deal with for their JobMax modular product system. The pneumatic JobMax starter arranged will can be found acquiring a multi-tool mind as well as really a few slicing blade and sander attachments.

In the Fall of 2010, Ridgid introduced their JobMax modular product platform, which featured a cordless bottom deal with and 5 interchangeable product heads. In previous due 2011, they introduced a a whole great offer more potent corded JobMax bottom handle, the Ryobi JobPlus 18V handle, as well as a jig saw attachment. … Continue Reading


Leatherman’s Multitool


New Mac Macsimizer Tool Box

Mac means has announced a brand brand new laptop-friendly Macsimizer product box, product MB7432, which features a push-to-open laptop computer computer safe-keeping drawer, two built-in 110V energy outlets, a USB connection, and RJ45 ethernet internet jack.
Mac means Macsimizer MB7432 Charing Station

Cordless product Charging Drawer

The product box, described getting a workstation, actions 74-inches long, 32-inches deep, and 46-inches tall. … Continue Reading


Channellock Wall-Mount Vacuum

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Channellock Wall-Mount Vacuum Review
Posted on April 25th, 2012 by Stuart

The sample featured on this evaluation was supplied by Channellock Products, a element of Do it Best, a system of over 4,000 independently held hardware and residence enlarger stores. … Continue Reading


Good Lights

We have wished to make an make an effort to do a sequence of weblog posts precisely where we clarify exceptional spots to create utilization of flashlights. When placing jointly a survival kit, there are lots of various matters to begin looking at, but you can possess a superb survival package deal without finding lighting. Today, we are discussing lights that you simply would desire to place in to a survival kit.

First, lets hold a start looking at a flashlight that offers additional than just lighting. it is referred to since the Eton Microlink FR160 (comes in black, red, and green). … Continue Reading


Flashlights for All!

I desire to welcome you once again to FlashlightBlog.com! we are undoubtedly excited to operate this tiny product using the Internet. FlashlightBlog.com is held and operated by BladeHQ.com. do not allow that fool you though! Yes, we are largely dedicated to knives (blades) but we adore flashlights just as much! we are difficult at purpose stockpiling the best makers (like Fenix, Surefire, 4Sevens, etc) and developing a source for all of your flashlight needs. … Continue Reading


Flashlight Brighten Our Lives

AE Powerlight – AE Powerlight is regarded as in innovator of HID electronic ballasts (EB) and of increased basic performance convenient lightning (HPPL) solutions. Their EBs and HPPLs are utilized in severe products in which basic produce good quality could possibly be the main consideration. AE Powelight’s responsibility to design, producing quality, usefulness and potency is evident. although their HID handheld searchlights have been create for research & rescue operations (for LEO and army applications), they are also properly suited for recreational use. … Continue Reading


Brief History of Time

The flashlight is a pretty recent invention.  Before 1896 if you needed to visit the outhouse late at night or look for lost treasures in a dark closet you would most likely use a candle or a kerosene lamp.  Occasionally accidents and fires arose from using either of them.   This was a problem.

Into the picture comes Russian immigrant Akiba Horowitz, who changed his name to Conrad Hubert when he came to America.  He was a successful business man in the distillery business back in homeland.  When he came to America there wasn’t much opportunity for him to start again, so he decided to try his hand at a few different things including a cigar store, a restaurant, a boarding house, a jewelry store, a farm, a milk wagon route and finally a novelty shop. … Continue Reading

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