Online Tool Store

Sears’ Craftsman brand has launched its own stand-alone online store!! Perhaps this is the beginning of an autonomous Craftsman that I have been dreaming about for years?

Here are my observations thus far:

  • The Craftsman store seems to be based off of Sears’ shopping engine
  • The Craftsman store only offers for sale Craftsman products (duh)
  • My Sears.com store logon does not work, suggesting that the Craftsman store really will be treated separately
  • The Craftsman store seems to have its own separate customer service dept. … Continue Reading

New Skilsaw

Skil has just released the brand new HD5687 Skilsaw, marketing it since the ultimate mixture of unmatched performance, lightweight design, and unbeatable value, and is also developed to tackle any challenge in the jobsite. seems awesome to us! the brand new Skilsaw is priced at $89, placing it right inside the center of Skil’s current round saw lineup.

First off, we adore that this really is getting marketed getting a a terrific offer more value-oriented experienced tool. comparable in the direction of the premise at the rear of Campbell Hausfeld’s new collection of nailers, the HD5687 Skilsaw is intended to turn out to be considered a choice for that cost-conscious consumers who need to acquire the work achieved without getting sacrificing energy and performance. as well often, “value” is associated to some assortment of attributes and low-quality – but not this time! … Continue Reading


Thermal Imaging Cameras

As you can imagine, thermal cameras may possibly be employed for just about any broad range of diagnostics especially where there may possibly be considered a gradient in temperature. Overheating components, heat loss/leaks, too much friction in bearings or other mechanised components – the detection software programs of the thermal imaging electronic camera are practically endless. … Continue Reading


Gearwrench Socket

Gearwrench 1/4″ and 3/8″ socket sets are on profit for $20 every over at Sears. this could be for the most part a heck of the offer thinking about how the lowest on the internet expenditures we could uncover for the enclosed full-polish teardrop ratchets by by themselves experienced been $25 for the 1/4″ and $35 for the 3/8″.

Each founded arrives possessing a full-polish ratchet, two extension bars, and several sockets. The 1/4″ founded also arrives possessing a spinner handle. Not bad for $20! … Continue Reading


Channellock’s is an Example

I was browsing Channellock’s internet website one other evening and was instead pleasantly astonished by what I found. when you can see away from your above display capture, Channellock is openly disclosing that their screwdrivers and nutdrivers are developed overseas. That available disclosure (not the reality the fact that motorists are imported) must develop to be praised.

You could possibly be questioning why that is significant. Well, have you actually emailed a institution asking about especially where a specific product is manufactured? In my experience, only about 50% with this type of inquiries are actually answered. Some companies, along the lines of Channellock, respond to COO (country-of-origin) inquiries completely and promptly even although other people provide delayed vague responses or choose to disregard this type of inquiries entirely. … Continue Reading


Brushless Rotary Hammer

Yesterday I previewed a few new Makita 18V brushless means – an result driver, hammer drill, and rotary hammer. In executing a tad of evaluation for the post, I found a For structure Pros movement photo from world of Concrete 2012 where, on the commencing using the post, a Makita rep says “this could possibly be the major brushless rotary hammer.” even although this may possibly be Makita’s major brushless hammer, it is not correct industry-wide contemplating that Bosch arrived out with an 18V brushless rotary hammer in 2011. … Continue Reading


New Makita Brushless Hammer Drill

Meanwhile, Makita’s competition take place to be busy releasing a few fascinating new brushless cordless means that both just strike the marketplace place or are coming reducing the pipeline from the near to future. Dewalt’s result driver; Milwaukee’s FUEL drill, hammer drill, and result driver; and Hitachi’s (new toward US market) brushless drill and hammer drill are probably the most notable new designs. … Continue Reading


Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway!!

That’s right, home Depot inquired us to provide apart a $100 home Depot treat card to some sole of our readers! evaluate on to uncover out how you can win.

For Father’s Day, as we’ve presently mentioned, home Depot has issued new treat card styles (shown above) which consists of just one using the start looking and really feel of duct-tape, as well as just one which consists of a costless drill little and little sizing gauge. You can uncover these new treat card types in stores, and home Depot’s traditionally styled treat credit rating cards are also around on collection with costless shipping.
… Continue Reading

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