A although back again we talked concerning the Panasonic TS2, a rugged electronic camera appropriate for jobsite use. a few weeks later, the Pansonic Lumix TS3 arrived out, and we ordered one for basic target and workshop use.

Let me inform you, the electronic camera is downright amazing. although we have not however arranged its impact-resistance to the test, we showered it in water, sawdust, and shavings of all sort without any ill-effect. this really is downright among the the toughest and most durable gadgets we have actually seen.

When it arrived out, the Lumix TS3 was priced at about $360-$380. back again in June we compensated about $335 to the camera, also it has dropped in retailing price numerous instances offered that then. numerous times ago, Amazon announced a producer new limited time campaign on choose out Panasonic cameras, as well as the TS3 dropped comfortably in retailing price from ~$300 to $270.

Although largely marketed toward hikers and outside enthusiasts, we found out the TS3 to develop to be exceptional for jobsite and workshop use since it is almost impervious to dirt and debris.

Our only minor complaint could be the reality that films are not saved through the identical folder as photos, requiring us to remove the inner playlist perfect after just about every few of imports.