Bosch GTS 10 XC Professional Table Saw with Built-in Crosscut Sled

Bosch consists of a kick-ass layout team, also it is a shame that the amount of the most revolutionary options will by no implies ensure it is in the direction of USA. in the moment, we are especially speaking about their plunge check saw as well as the GTM twelve professional table-miter saw combo we discussed yesterday.

We recently found out an even more new Bosch energy tool, the GTS 10 XC experienced table saw, and we are afraid that this as well will possibly be considered a EU-only tool.

Just looking in the saw, we could inform it absolutely was different. A crosscut sled, or in the very very least a mechanism that resembles one, is built right to the table. Bosch calls this an integrated slide carriage. it could accommodate a greatest board width of 350mm, or about 13-3/4″.

Bosch GTS 10 XC experienced Table Saw Sliding

Other attributes include:

2100 watt engine with electrical brake, soft-start control, overload protection, ongoing pace delivery
table widener and extension
cast aluminum tabletop
tool-free riving knife lowering
self-adjusting parallel rip fence
auxiliary rip fence
minimize potential of 79mm (3.11″)
rip minimize potential of 635mm (25″) at right of blade, 250mm (10″) at left of blade
on-board storage space of even more saw blade, push stick, stops, dist extraction adapter
dirt extraction port build-into protective blade shield and at rear of tool
pre-cut locator
carrying handles
24-tooth 10″ TC saw blade
47° tilt left, 1° right
35kg (77lbs) weight
compatible with Bosch’s wheeled gravity stand

MSRP is GBP 669, or about $1073, and merchandising pricing must acquire a touch lower. at this time there’s no term concerning regardless of whether the GTS 10 XC experienced will possibly be released while in the USA.