Caution: This is Why Cheap Drill Bit Sets are so Cheap

The other morning when discussing an Irwin drill tad offer in that post’s comment section, Jeff brought up an extra article he remembered reading through that described specific sets especially where many sizes have been exceptional and other people utter junk.

I remember reading through the identical post, and when my research work failed, cautious meditation (or luck) refreshed my storage and I tracked reducing the reliable article.

$5 for just about any 1/8″ Twist Drill? Only in America describes what John, from Bridge local community equipment Works, observed in an extremely chinese language program factory 11 many years ago. He saw affordable bench grinder motors getting wound with scrap copper wire, and drill bits getting coated to create them appear like they have been properly hardened.

Factory employees have been mixing in exceptional (or in the very lowest much better great in comparison) drill bits with junky pot metallic bits. Why? for that reason that these many-piece drill tad sets have been so low-priced that American purchasers hold on to allow them get apart with it.

John’s article can be an fascinating and illuminating read. It is very vital that you recognize that not all import tad sets are on the way getting be similarly comprised of the quantity of exceptional bits and quite many garbage bits. But there’s only just one specific way getting specific you do not get stuck with only 4 exceptional bits away from 115 – invest extra upfront and purchase much better brand-name bits.

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