Channellock Wall-Mount Vacuum

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Channellock Wall-Mount Vacuum Review
Posted on April 25th, 2012 by Stuart

The sample featured on this evaluation was supplied by Channellock Products, a element of Do it Best, a system of over 4,000 independently held hardware and residence enlarger stores.

Channellock Garage Vacuum

When i experienced been enquired to evaluation the Channellock wall-mount wet/dry store vacuum, i experienced been a touch skeptical. quickly after all, Channellock produces hand tools, not wet/dry vacs. But executing merely a tiny digging around, I found out the fact that vac is dependent away of (or identical to) the Vacmaster VWM510. The vac has some great skills – it is wall-mountable and arrives getting a remote on/off change – also it arrives nicely equipped, so I agreed to check it out.

The vac skills a 5-gallon ability and is also powered with a 5HP (peak) 2-stage commercial motor.

Channellock Garage Vacuum Remote Control

First, let’s talk concerning the hoses and cords. The vac arrives getting a 10′ flex/extendable hose and an 11′ conventional hose that you just can few jointly to create a 21′-long hose. each hoses are 1-7/8″ in diameter. The cord is 20′ long, that is genuinely a enormous movement above the 6′-long hoses that typically come about with more compact vacs.

Okay, so the remote on/off switch… I LOVED it! In making utilization of the vac to refreshing up wooden chips, metal shavings, dirt bunnies, gravel, and all sorts of arbitrary debris, I significantly appreciated the ability to activate the vac without the need of getting to stroll over in the direction of the gadget itself.

It is definitely an immense comfort to develop to possess the ability to turn the vacuum on without the need of getting to go back again and forth, specifically once the vac is mounted to some wall and linked in the direction of the carry out of the 21′ hose. I would would rather set up this element on other store wet/dry vacs. My oxygen cleaner skills a remote control and my dirt extractor turns on when an linked energy gadget is turned on. So why not an awesome offer more remote-activated vacs?

Channellock Garage Vacuum On away car Control

Of course, you do not phone for to create utilization of the remote on/off if you actually do not need to – there’s a full-on option as well. According in the direction of the merchandise specs, the change is dirt sealed.

Channellock Garage Vacuum Hose Vent

The vac is quite powerful, and will grab onto fabrics as well as other common vacuum-clogging materials. if you actually should refreshing this type of materials, sliding available the vent for the manage must relieve element for the vacuum energy in the carry out for the nozzle.

Channellock Garage Vacuum Hose Connection

The hoses attach in the direction of the vacuum canister through a twist-lock mechanism. it is not Fort Knox-secure, but I attempted to “accidentally” detach the hose without the need of success.

Channellock Garage Vacuum Accessories

The vac arrives getting a quite great array of add-ons and attachments – two extension wands, round dirt brush, crevice tool, car nozzle (bottom right), floor/utility nozzle getting a separate brush and what feels like a squeegee, and an oxygen seem experience diffuser.

Channellock Garage Vacuum seem experience Muffler

The oxygen seem experience diffuser muffles the oxygen return. This does not make the vac silent or whisper-quiet, however the diffuser does quiet products comfortably a bit.

Channellock Garage Vacuum Pleated Filter

Also enclosed is genuinely a foam sleeve as well as a washable cartridge filter. actually contemplating which i purchased a CleanStream filter for my store Vac, i have been a lover of washable filters. it is great to set up this type of the filter enclosed using the vac instead of offered as an high-priced add-on.

Channellock Garage Vacuum Wall Dock

The wall-mount could be secured to some solo stud through three mounting points. contemplating that I’m in changeover now in between shops, I do not mount the vac in the direction of the wall, but do fix it to my quickly to develop to be disassembled workbench.

The vac docks using the mount through the best and bottom, and is also uncomplicated to remove. The mount also skills a detachable rail the fact that hose could be draped over for storage.

Channellock Garage Vacuum part Profile

The two extension wands could be saved on opposite sides for the vac. for the left side, a spring-loaded tab should be pressed past for you can lift the vac away for the mount.

Channellock Garage Vacuum part Accessory Storage

Accessories could be saved through nesting factors for the lid, or in merely a tiny bucket that could be linked in the direction of the vac, preserving anything neat and self-contained.

remote on/off
flex-hose and conventional hose included
large hold handle
adequate suction power
wall-mount is uncomplicated to install
washable filter
complete complement of accessories
heavy-duty plastic material tank


no wheels for conversion to cell unit

I should say, I genuinely enjoyed screening the Channellock wall-mounted wet/dry vac. There really are a massive amount of pros and skills I genuinely appreciated. totally nothing is perfect, however it do consider me a instant or two of believed to come about up using the just one con. If I experienced to provide one more complaint, I would say that hose management could be improved, but for one other hand that could make the gadget much less compact.

The Channellock wall mount vac is currently $110 through Channellock Products, with zero buying and selling price transport to any nearby Do it most effective hardware store location. transport for the residence or store will work you about $37.