Craftsman Auto-Hammer

Craftsman unveiled its new 12V NEXTEC sequence of compact energy means previous to the winter holidays, and all round performance testimonials are starting to roll in. among the a whole whole lot more revolutionary means inside the Nextec sequence is Craftsman’s new Hammerhead vehicle Hammer. The vehicle Hammer’s compact dimension helps ensure it is properly suited for spots as well tight to swing a conventional hammer, as well as for overhead applications, but not everyone is totally pleased with its performance.

The principal complaint that people take place to be hearing concerning the vehicle Hammer could possibly be the actuality that it is underpowered, and is also incapable of producing bigger or extended nails flush using a hold out surface. based on its merchandise description, the vehicle Hammer must acquire capable of producing nails as very much as 3.5-in. in period of your time using the press of the trigger.

A latest evaluation by means of well-known Mechanics concludes how the vehicle Hammer is certainly properly suited for hammering in compact spaces, but that the conventional hammer could possibly be the very much better gadget for most other scenarios. Note: We observed that well-known Mechanics’s website is covered in Craftsman ads – this may possibly have softened the tone of the review.

Despite dropping short of its expectations, Craftsman’s vehicle Hammer is by no signifies a dud, and certainly appears to acquire a properly founded tool. Still, we will very likely wait around using the next revision or launch previous to thinking about buying one for individual use. We are truly a little astonished that there are only 6 purchaser testimonials posted on Sears.com so much – this may possibly reflect that many different of individuals that acquired vehicle Hammers as winter holiday presents are pleased using the tools.