Craftsman Auto-Load Utility Knife Review

I possess a penchant for unusual and revolutionary tools, but unless this really is your principal have a look at to ToolGuyd, you possibly understand that by now. So certainly when I spotted this new Craftsman auto-load sliding power knife in a really bin in the neighborhood Sears, I just experienced to purchase just one to try out.
First Impressions

The Craftsman auto-load slide power knife has an odd shape, but this offers it a comfy and safe feel. There are numerous areas near to the look after precisely where you can place your thumb jointly with other fingers. an enormous metal loop in the complete or even the look after is completely sized for merely a tiny carabiner clip or paracord lanyard.
Blade-Change Mechanism

Craftsman create (or licensed) an fascinating blade-loading design where, shortly after discarding a dull or broken blade, you can instantly fill a fresh new new blade. more mature blade removal is executed by pressing the discharge key after which pulling the blade. Slide the deployment key toward the knife’s “closed” position. a producer new blade should click into place.

The knife arrives with two spare blades, but there appears for getting space for just about any few the great offer more using the blade compartment.

The blade-change mechanism was a but clunky for the principal try. You can see my shock using the film below. I anticipated the auto-blade-change to purpose completely for the principal try, also it didn’t. Imperfect blade alignment within of the spare blade compartment may or might not guide toward the jamming effect.

The knife by itself performs reasonably well. The lock feels safe and reasonably trustworthy. The knife has two blade settings – available and closed. that is not necessarily a bad point – Stanley’s Quickslide knife, my favored compact power knife, also only provides two blade settings – however it is not ideal.

One a terrific offer more point I do not quite like – to deploy the blade you must slide the key change from near to the bottom within of the knife look after toward the top. The extended sliding range signifies that some end users will should reposition their arms when making a cut. Is this nitpicking? Probably. Will the necessitated shift in grip have any real-world effects? possibly not. But, nevertheless mildly, this even now annoyed me.

Craftsman’s auto-load power knife is interesting, but its blade-change mechanism is admittedly a touch gimmicky. Blade modifications are generally fast adequate with latest power knives that the knife like this, in spite of the simple fact that handy and innovative, is not really a game-changer.

It significantly bothers me the fact that knife jams up sometimes. shortly after I create the video, I went back again and positioned the knife through a few the great offer more blade-change cycles. It jammed up in two away from 5 tests. Granted the jams experienced been effortlessly cleared by nudging the change back again and forth, but this shouldn’t have been completely necessary.

In all, I do not think the knife’s auto-load attribute is remarkable adequate to certainly advise it. If its blade-deployment was a touch smoother jointly with a terrific offer more ergonomic, it might have experienced a probability to compete with Dewalt’s retractable folding knife as my 2nd favored compact power knife. Overall, I found Craftsman’s auto-load power knife for getting disappointing.

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