Craftsman C3 19.2V Power Tools, to Buy or Not to Buy?

Last week, Don sent us an email, asking for our views on Craftsman’s C3 collection of 19.2V cordless energy tools. He purchased a combo package deal 4 many years ago and recently additional an effect driver and compact Li-ion battery, but says he’s now sensation a little of buyer’s remorse.

Don has observed how the C3 choice and availability is not what it employed to acquire and is also questioning if Sears and Craftsman are on the way to retain the collection going, or if he just produced an cost in a really soon-obsolete cordless platform.

And with newer 12V compact methods capable of fulfilling most DIYer needs, would that are already a a good offer better investment?

Craftsman C3 is right here to stay. Let’s confront it, Craftsman could possibly be considered a brand brand that everyone recognizes. Even most novice DIYers that occur to be not however in-the-know are acquainted with Craftsman. Craftsman create the C3 collection to satisfy DIY desires at attractive prices, and because of this, the C3 collection is guaranteed a prolonged and steady future. purchasers are both unaware that several C3 methods certainly are a little dated, or they just do not treatment as prolonged since the worth is right.

Decreasing choice and availability could possibly be dependent on person stores, however it will make feeling that add-ons that do not market properly could possibly be dropped at some point. But with Craftsman boasting how the C3 lineup has 30+ tools, it is unlikely which they will get rid of any designs without getting a powerful incentive.

Taking a glimpse in the newest Sears/Craftsman unit catalog, Sears devotes a good offer much more than two entire web pages toward advertising the C3 lineup.

Craftsman C3 provides no-frills DIY performance. a few many years ago, i experienced been searching for to upgrade my cordless drill and ordered a Craftsman C3 combo. The package deal integrated a frequent pistol-grip drill/driver and appropriate angle drill/driver. while the methods achieved alright and experienced been a excellent value, I returned them two weeks later on and went using a Hitachi design instead. The Hitachi was smaller, lighter, a good offer more powerful, with one another with a good offer more protected to sustain and use, however it absolutely was also a good offer more expensive. for just about any unit I prepared to take advantage of a lot, the C3 drill just do not reduce it.

The C3 methods are mid-range styles meant for DIY usage. several superior customers purchase in to the C3 collection as well, searching for optimum value. There’s totally nothing incorrect with that, since the C3 methods provide reasonably marvelous performance. however the styles and capabilities are held back again a little to possess the ability to sustain consumer-friendly pricing.

Aware that purchasers glimpse at worth before to all else, Craftsman most probable will not discontinue the NiCd batteries at any time soon. sooner or later on Craftsman may make an effort to push Li-ion a good offer more strongly, but several purchasers are bent on acquiring one of the most for their cash for methods they will only use a handful of occasions a year, and do not treatment that NiCd is not as marvelous as Li-ion.

12V vs. 18V/19.2V/20V? Yes, 12V methods can manage several belonging toward the duties that higher-voltage methods are employed for. But if you need additional power, 12V methods can fall short, depending inside the job. I certainly do think in and typically propose 12V tools, but I think concerning the drills and saws a good offer more as complementary methods and never as substitutes. for individuals that can only individual just one drill with one another with just one saw, they will require to not be 12V models.

So what will require to Don do? My advice can be to no much under retain the brand new C3 Li-ion battery he just bought. He mentioned that he obtained lots of use away from his combo kit, and so the Li-ion battery will advantage the methods he previously owns. And if Don chooses to upgrade his most employed unit or methods within your combo, he will even now possess the enhanced operation belonging toward another C3 tools.

It could possibly be worth thinking about for Don to return the effect driver and instead purchase a 12V model, or better, a 12V drill and effect driver kit. because Sears consists of a generous return window, he has time to think objects by method of and glimpse for just about any excellent offer before to getting forced to decide. As prolonged as he kept the merchandise packaging, that is. Still, because Don previously has other C3 methods and just purchased a brand brand new Li-ion battery, sticking using the C3 effect driver provides a a good offer better worth and permits him to spend less cash for long-term upgrades or add-on tools.