Craftsman Experience Gets a Remodel

The Craftsman know-how over in Chicago was a quite neat place, even if it do fail to encounter my “tools as much since the eyesight can see” expectations .
i experienced been there back again in June as an instructor for their “Blogger’s Summit.” I met numerous awesome individuals and do numerous pleasant things. There experienced been also fascinating decorations, that consist of the Craftsman ratchet toiler cardstock holder. a great offer of awesome job films arrived out in the social-media-oriented studio, that consist of the Craftsman toolbox speaker build.

Over at Craftsman’s Facebook page, there is information the fact that Craftsman know-how is getting completely overhauled. A photo album exhibits that it is becoming completely gutted, and is also destined to turn out to be the Kenmore Craftsman producer reside know-how Studio.

While eager to decide how the brand new studio turns out, I cannot say which i will be completely thrilled to decide the flooring space shared in between Craftsman assets Kenmore appliances. My preference would have been completely to decide the Craftsman know-how filled getting a whole whole lot more tools, a whole whole lot more demo stations, and maybe a whole whole lot more local community workshop sessions.

There utilized for getting separate Craftsman know-how and Kenmore reside Studio locations. Is Sears in so a whole whole lot monetary trouble which they experienced to consolidate the two studios into just one location?

Photo Gallery by method of Craftsman Facebook Page

(In situation you are wondering, the above photo was plucked out in the Craftsman photo gallery for just about any reason. I found it amusing that, with all the Craftsman cordless assets offered in the location, no much lower than just one Dewalt product or company was brought on-site.)