Craftsman V4 Tools on Clearance,Possibly Discontinued

Craftsman’s extremely new V4 4-volt compact cordless assets are 75%-off this weekend. We picked up a flashlight at 50%-off two days ago, and three within of the screwdriver and cutter combo kits last evening at about $18 each.

We also attempted to purchase relatively a few spare batteries and separate assets (rotary tool, headphones, additional flashlights) devoid of success. At much lower than $4 each, we experienced other utilizes in views for individuals lithium ion batteries. And at 75%-off, another assets would have been completely in handy.

Unfortunately, all however the 2-tool combo arranged found out in stores have been completely marketed out. both that, or control pulled the batteries from show and execs capped share quantities on collection to extention the purchase longer.

Last day these assets experienced been advertised at 50%-off, and now 75%-off. Why? Our guess could possibly be the actuality that maybe these assets are getting discontinued. right here is ordinarily a discussion we experienced owning a full-time system dept. associate at our nearby Sears:

TG: can you have any within of the Craftsman V4 batteries in stock?
Sears: The what? I’m not acquainted with that, could you describe it?
TG: they are the brand new compact 4V tools. there is a show greater than there, however it appears such as the batteries experienced been all marketed or moved.
Sears: Let’s stroll greater than there, I’m even now not particular about whatever you are referring to.
*We stroll greater than toward the Craftsman V4 show which has long been up for on the very very least 4 weeks.*
TG: Here’s the display.
Sears: Oh, wow, this could possibly be the original time I am seeing tools!

This Sears associate has effectively assisted me out inside the past, and typically understands the system division such as the back again of his hand. The V4 show at my nearby store is not near to the mass of bins holding the holiday specials, nor is it near to the energy tools. it is positioned in somewhat of the changeover aisle, along owning relatively a few other tiny Craftsman and holiday system displays.

So why do not these assets start supplying right up until Sears dropped the price tag by 75%? experienced been they as well expensive? Is there merely no industry for 4V lighting duty tools? Or was this their technique all along?

You should unquestionably even now possess the ability to discover the screwdriver and cutter combo sets on collection for transporting or in-store pickup. At much lower than $20, it is a acceptable deal. discounts do not apply.

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