Dewalt Launches New 20V Brushless Impact Driver

Dewalt just appear that they will absolution a new brushless appulse disciplinarian this April. Although this is Dewalt’s first-ever cordless ability apparatus congenital with a brushless motor, we’re abiding there will be added to come.

The new brushless appulse disciplinarian is said to accommodate 57% best runtime vs. their latest bearing brushed appulse drivers, and up to 150% added runtime vs. competitors’ latest appulse drivers.

In accession to best runtime, the new Dewalt brushless appulse disciplinarian appearance a push-button 1/4″ hex abandon that accepts accepted 1″ $.25 and can be operated with one hand. This eliminates the charge for a abstracted one-handed self-locking bit holder.

Dewalt Brushless Appulse Disciplinarian Size

In the photo above, do you see that chicken button appropriate beneath the chuck? That’s the bit release!

3-Speed and Torque Settings

0-950 RPM/500 in-lbs – absolute for higher-torque applications such as active self-tapping screws in metal

0-1900RPM/900 in-lbs – ideal for controlled band applications such as installing aperture hinges

0-2850 RPM/1500 in-lbs – best for low-torque and accomplishment work, such as faceplate installation

Dewalt Brushless Appulse Disciplinarian Speed Switch

Dewalt’s engineers accept aswell managed to barber the new disciplinarian down to 5-1/4″ long, authoritative it their beeline appulse disciplinarian yet. The disciplinarian weighs 3.0 lbs if commutual with a bunched battery, and 3.6 lbs if commutual with the continued accommodation array pack.

Dewalt Brushless Appulse Disciplinarian LED Demo

Three LEDs beleaguer the abandon to accommodate shadow-free plan breadth illumination, and a 20-second continuance provides added convenience. There will aswell be a metal belt angle and on-board bit storage.

Dewalt Brushless Appulse Disciplinarian Kit Configurations

DCF895C2 – includes two 1.5Ah batteries with ammunition gauges, MSRP $279

DCF895L2 – includes two 3.0Ah batteries with ammunition gauges, MSRP $349

DCF895B – bald tool, MSRP $169

The kits aswell cover a fast charger, and apparently a accepted case. ETA is April 2012.

Dewalt Brushless Appulse Disciplinarian Bunched Kit

We apperceive that a Milwaukee Ammunition brushless appulse disciplinarian is currently in development, and it will be absorbing to see how the two accoutrement compare. Sight-unseen, our vote would go for the Dewalt, accustomed how abundantly addicted we are of one-handed chucks.

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