Dewalt LED Flashlights Sneak Preview Photo Gallery

We have satisfy collectively a photo gallery of Dewalt’s new LED flashlights, that are as a finish off result of acquire introduced near to January 2012. We do possess a few mins of hands-on demo time with these flashlights about two several weeks back, and found out them to acquire definitely spectacular. The construct level of quality was excellent, the layout was well-though out, as well as the LED modules have been bright, white, and nicely focused.

Once these flashlights strike the full market, we’ll consider a closer very much more thorough glance to create if something has altered from the pre-production types we previewed. If definitely nothing changes, the 2XAA design will possibly ensure it is onto our report in the 5 most effective LED Flashlights below $20, which we’ll possibly telephone call for to rename.