DIY Craftsman Tool Box Speaker

Earlier this morning Make posted particulars about a current Craftsman knowing project, in which Artpentry’s Floyd Davis hacks a Craftsman product box in to a trendy Gentleman’s boombox. even although it is not uncommon to ascertain DIYers create computers, speakers jointly with other tech products into product boxes, that is amid probably the most effective looking illustrations we’ve actually seen.

The Craftsman knowing assignment is centered near to some Craftsman 4-drawer product chest, but there are countless other product box brands, variations and editions to pick from. The assignment film is about 19-minutes long, and is also as entertaining since it is informative.

Hard-shell energy product scenarios may also make for reasonably beneficial options to heavier and bulkier material product boxes. even although they might not be rigid adequate to home bigger speakers (and might not seem as well good), they will require to hold out relatively properly for mini computer systems and DIY gadgets.

We adore these kinds of projects! If you have actually produced something away from the product box, we’d adore a account and some pics! C’mon and flood our inbox with awesomeness.

  1. Jess Paolini says:

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