Gorilla Glue Bottles Updated with Anti-Clog Cap


Gorilla Glue has updated their 2oz bottles owning a producer new anti-clog air-tight cap. Why are we excited about this? primarily because we’ve experienced our reasonable write about of cured-glue-clogged caps. it is not really a pleasant sensation to acquire anything ready for just about any restoration or DIY venture only to locate out how the bottle of glue is practically unusable.

The new 2oz Gorilla Glue hat features:

ergonomic wing nut grip for much less difficult opening and closing
air-right reliability seal to lock out oxygen and mositure
stainless metal pin that fits to the idea from the nozzle

Gorilla Glue Anti-Clog Cap

This is one thing you will desire to glimpse for in-store to make sure you have a bottle using the brand new hat and never just one using the more mature style. In instances such as this is’t most awesome to determine that which you are buying.

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