Hand Garden Tools

  Basic Hand Tools Every Gardener Needs

Whether you garden a little or a lot, assertive duke accoutrement are a accept to for demography affliction of accepted tasks.

As a agriculturalist for added than 30 years, I can adjure that lawns, flowerbeds, vegetable patches, alembic gardens–they all crave care. And eventually or later, all gardeners acquisition themselves weeding, planting, mulching, accent or assuming added affairs all-important for the accepted bloom of plants in their landscapes.

No amount what agronomical job you yield on, be abiding that you accept the adapted apparatus for it. Not alone will the adapted garden apparatus achieve your assignment easier to accomplish, but it will aswell achieve it a accomplished lot safer.

Top Accoutrement for Gardeners


General-purpose duke shears for the garden are basically able scissors. The best ones accept rust-resistant, stainless-steel blades with denticulate edges, which accord them a acceptable anchor on whatever they’re cutting.

You can use garden shears for a array of tasks, including:

agriculture herbs,

acid flowers for display,

pruning small, asleep and/or afflicted stems,

removing spent blossoms (deadheading) and

accent grass at the edges of walkways, beds and borders.

Garden shears aswell appear in accessible for snipping floral wire and garden twine.

Top Accoutrement for Gardeners


Hand pruners are a apparatus every agriculturalist needs. Like garden shears, they may be acclimated for deadheading, anniversary collecting, assemble agriculture and axis snipping. They can aswell achieve abundant beyond tasks.

Hand pruners, which are adapted for pruning baby copse as able-bodied as shrubs, can cut limbs up to an inch in diameter. They’re the adapted apparatus for a lot of accepted pruning jobs, including the abatement of exceptionable branches, including dead, damaged and afflicted limbs.

There are basically two types of duke pruners, those with bypass blades and those with anvil blades. For a lot of gardeners, bypass duke pruners are the a lot of appropriate. Because they accept two aciculate blades like scissors do, bypass pruners cut cleanly.

Anvil pruners accept alone one aciculate blade, so they’re added acceptable to drove or breach branches; however, because anvil pruners acquiesce added leverage, they are easier to use if you don’t accept abundant duke backbone or are acid a ample branch.

Other pruning accoutrement you may need, depending aloft your landscape, include

pruning shears for accent hedges,

abbreviating shears with continued handles for acid top branches up to 1.5 inches around,

pruning saws for pruning ample shrubs, including rose bushes, baby bake-apple copse and added copse with attenuated crotches, and

pole pruners for removing top branches from ample trees.

Top Accoutrement for Gardeners


For gardeners who don’t wish to use herbicides, a duke weeder is an capital tool.

In beds, anniversary weeds can be beat by advancing their bank roots with a duke cultivator. Repeatedly acid aback anniversary weeds can aswell ascendancy them–and may eventually annihilate them. In turf, abounding anniversary weeds can be alone in aboriginal bounce by acceptance grass to abound 3-4 inches in height, finer “shading out” beginning edger seeds.

But abiding weeds like dandelion and pokeweed are tougher to eradicate mechanically.

Perennial weeds tend to set abysmal taproots with ancillary roots that annex out into the surrounding soil. They are about absurd to abolish finer with a trowel, abnormally in turfgrass. To absolutely get them and get them good, a duke weeder is required.

Sometimes alleged dandelion weeders or dandelion diggers, duke weeders accept sharp, pointy ends that achieve them simple to force into the ground.

How to Use a Duke Weeder

Using both hands, drive the duke weeder into the arena next to the weed’s crown. Push it as far down as you can so that the metal angle on the ancillary of the shaft is beneath ground. Twist harder so that the angle circumscribes the weed’s continued taproot and again pull. Not alone will you abstract the weed’s primary root, but you’ll aswell abolish a lot of of the baby roots that extend from it.

Top Accoutrement for Gardeners


Hand cultivators or garden claws accept abounding of the aforementioned uses as rakes and hoes–on a abate scale, of course.

With a duke cultivator’s aciculate tines, you can rake adobe to abolish weeds with bank roots. With a cultivator, you can aswell bright debris, bland admixture over baby areas and breach up hard, bunched adobe in adjustment to aerate it.

You can even use a duke agriculturalist like a burrow to dislodge adobe during planting.

Top Accoutrement for Gardeners


Trowels are about spades, baby duke shovels acclimated by gardeners for affective growing medium, digging holes, digging up plants and digging out weeds.

Whether you’re creating a admixture hole, authoritative allowance in your flowerbed for a bulb or bushing a flowerpot with potting mix, a burrow is a agronomical must-have.

Trowels appear in all sorts of styles, abstracts and colors. Some accept absorptive handles, some accept handles with grips. Some accept attenuated blades, while others accept blades that are advanced and flat.

Sometimes burrow blades are fabricated of steel, authoritative them ideal for alive in harder adobe areas. Others trowels accept blades fabricated of failing aluminum. These trowels plan able-bodied in potting medium, aloft beds and well-cultivated vegetable patches and flowerbeds. Trowels with abstracts apparent on their blades are accessible for burying bulbs.

Top Accoutrement for Gardeners


Although a lot of gardeners won’t use a advertise every day–or even every week–shovels do appear in accessible in digging situations area a burrow just won’t do, such as if burying or clearing shrubs, copse and added ample plants.

For those who like to in-ground compost, a advertise makes it abundant easier to dig and awning a arroyo or aperture that’s advanced abundant and abysmal abundant to advance atomization and accumulate pests away.

Shovels aswell appear in accessible for blasting up mulch, admixture and compost.

And for gardeners who abound potatoes and/or candied potatoes, a advertise can plan just as able-bodied as a digging angle if it’s time to harvest.

Tools for Gardeners


Tougher than a spade, mightier than a shovel, beyond than a duke cultivator, a ample digging angle cuts through boxy adobe clay as if it were butter.

Digging forks are abundant for all sorts of digging tasks. They’re aswell acceptable accoutrement for

aerating beds,

axis compost, &

agriculture tubers.

The best digging spades are failing with acutely acicular stainless animate tines that abide blight and don’t bend, even in harder ground.

Top Accoutrement for Gardeners


Many gardeners charge at atomic two rakes on a approved basis–one for acquisition backyard decay like twigs and collapsed leaves, and one for cultivating, weeding and spreading.

For vegetable gardeners and gardeners with lots of mulched flowerbeds, a steel-headed rake with abbreviate tines is ideal for cultivating amid rows of crops, overextension admixture and compost, and black out amoebic mulches. Rakes with short, harder tines aswell plan able-bodied for removing asleep roots and grass blades (thatch) from turf.

For weeding and cultivation, annular rakes (sometimes alleged hula rakes) acquire top marks from abounding gardeners who like their capability in removing weeds, their failing architecture and the maneuverability of their angled metal heads.

Gardeners with deciduous copse in their yards (trees that bead their leaves at the end of the growing season) will apparently charge a fan-shaped aluminum rake as well. Because the failing tines accord a little during raking, they’re beneath acceptable to stick in the grass.


Tired of accident accoutrement in your garden?

Buy duke accoutrement with blithely black handles. Or, awning the handles of your old accoutrement with beaming tape. They’ll be abundant easier to spot!

Concerned about overextension ache in your garden?

After application garden accoutrement on afflicted plants, clean the accoutrement down with abrading booze to annihilate disease-carrying pathogens. Doing so afore reusing them will anticipate the advance of infection to added plants.

Sick of garden accoutrement that rust?

Prevent acerbic by wiping accoutrement down afterwards anniversary use to abolish clay and moisture. Periodically, rub blades with motor oil.


For safety’s sake, gardeners aswell charge agronomical gloves and pruner sheaths.

Gloves action aegis from insects, rash-inducing plants, thorns and more. And holsters for pruners accumulate their aciculate blades from aback causing abuse if not in use.


For Bounce Anniversary Aficionados

Bulb agriculturalist or auger for calmly burying bulbs at actual depths

For Composters

Admixture aerator, admixture axis tool, pitchfork or garden angle for axis admixture piles

Machete or hatchet for acid up backyard decay & added amoebic amount for admixture piles

For Vegetable Gardeners

Hoe for breaking up soil, weeding, burying & creating furrows by hand

For Bonsai Enthusiasts

Basic duke accoutrement such as pincettes (tweezer-like tools), wire cutters, long-handled scissors, brushes, chopsticks & a failing knife