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ToolGuyd reader Jon C. gave us a nudge and advised that people mention a brand recognize new “instructional” film sequence that may be found out on YouTube. warm for means features a youthful woman, Erica, who provides short means demos and how-to tutorials.

We’ve in fact been pursuing warm for means granted that their first video, but preferred to wait around right up until it matured a little bit before to commenting near to the series. We praise what warm for means is wanting to accomplish, and while we do get satisfaction from the clips, they possess the possible to acquire even better. pursuing are numerous criticisms and suggestions:

1.The viewers’ thought can only be specific on both the means or even the host’s figure at any granted time, in no way both. The host really should retain this in mind.

2. Some in the comments really are a little bit risque, which could be okay, as prolonged as they do not go overboard. e.g. a film name for example “Get Hung” sacrifices clarity for affordable giggles.

3. deficiency of SAFETY! It appears that safety actions have been outright ignored through filming in probably the most current gate set up video. a whole whole lot more on this below.

4. The films may be extended with one another with a whole whole lot more detailed. Give us guys some credit rating – our thought span is extended than a few of minutes, especially once the host mixes components up as she’s been doing.


This is generally a screenshot from Erica’s most current film “Get Hung.”

In the grout-removal video, there is no mention of safety glasses, a dirt mask, or hearing protection, but we could not see the host’s come upon through the demo. on this video, we see Erica’s come upon as well as the absense of eyesight safeguard is obvious. In an instructional video, it may be the host’s duty to on the minimum mention right safety materials and precautions.

I have one a whole whole lot more issue about this scene. hold a start looking at Erica’s locks and how it dangles dangerously near using the drill. The individual injury opportunity that this produces is totally unacceptable.

Furthermore, lax individual safety actions has the possible to minimizes one’s credibility.

With all that said, I do find out the film sequence to acquire entertaining (I especially enjoyed the SawStop demo), and start looking forward to pursuing the sequence since it matures.

Hot for means by method of YouTube

Hot for means appears to acquire both owned and operated or heavily sponsored by product King.