How to fabricate a hydraulic jack

How hydraulic jack works

The earliest activity in creating and fabricating a hydraulic jack can be to know how a hydraulic jack works. if you presently recognize how a hydraulic jack performs you can skip this section.

Hydraulic jacks run on Pascal’s law which states that “a alter within your stress of an enclosed incompressible fluid is conveyed undiminished to every individual element in the fluid and in the direction of the surfaces of its container.”

Let A1 be the place of bigger piston and A2 be the place of more compact piston of the hydraulic jack, regardless of the reality that p1 and p2 can be the demands employed for the bigger and more compact pistons respectively.

n above equation you can very easily see the fact that force F1 could possibly be the merchandise of two terms: F2 and A1/A2. we are able to get force of F1 for the the piston 1by both receiving a tremendous F2 and tiny A1/A2 or perhaps a tremendous A1/A2 and tiny F2. The latter situation is what is finished in situation of hydraulic jack.Lets make an effort to know it using the help of an example.

Suppose we desire to lift a extra extra fat of 300 lbs (i.e. F1 equals 300) and if we use an place ratio of three ( A1/A2 equals 3) we will should take advantage of a force of only 100 lbs at piston a few of ( 300/3 equals 100).

Fabrication of hydraulic jack

The pursuing drawing exhibits the essential idea of factors which could be required to create a hydraulic jack. be aware that this really is not really a drawing of the correct hydraulic jack. It merely exhibits which components are required and in which they are needed:

We will telephone call for that pursuing things:

Two cylinders

Non-return valve

At the outset I would would rather clarify that junkyard can be the best place to arrive throughout the above-mentioned parts.

Moreover choose the greatest fill that you just can be lifitng jointly with your hydraulic jack. Then choose the place ratio.


They can be filled using the essential oil that’s steering to transmit force. You can both choose cylinders of an powerplant or heavy PVC pipe depending upon the forces involved. The assortment of cylinders is dependent for the selected place ratio. You will most very likely certainly not get precisely your wanted place ratio but you could possibly get closer if you lookup the cylinders in

junkyard. utilizing PVC pipes as cylinders would provide you with a good offer much more versatility as they are offered in numerous normal sizes.


They can be employed to transmit the used force to essential oil and from essential oil in the direction of the fill that should develop to be lifted.


Oil can be the fluid thats steering to transmit force. Lubricating essential oil employed for car engines could possibly be used.


Seals can be required to seal the gap in between piston and cylinder.

Non-return valve

When utilizing a conventional jack you must have observed that it is employed by applying force for merely a tiny amount of your time as well as you retain undertaking it until the fill is certainly lifted. For this to happen, you will telephone call for just about any non-return valve.


A versatile pipe would connect the two cylinders


Search each of the above-mentioned factors in junkyard. You will certainly arrive throughout ideal resources to finish your hydraulic jack.

Good Luck!