How to Maintain Garden Tools

There’s no a fact remedy to sustaining garden methods operating for you. All you need to do is purchase beneficial exceptional methods to begin with, then consider right treatment of them. the important thing enemies of garden methods are dampness (causes rust) and deficiency of upkeep (means they can’t do the work they’re made to do). So, acquiring rid of rust and properly sustaining your methods will retain them operating for years. In fact, should you make getting treatment of your methods element of your gardening routine–your grown children will be producing utilization of them extended pursuing you’ve granted up gardening. right listed here are some preservation tips.


Clean your methods pursuing every sole use. This suggests removing any clumps of dirt away from your heads of shovels, hoes and cultivators as well as wiping and washing the blades of pruners and cutters.

Store your methods away the soil and within a dried out place, out in the weather.


eradicate any rust on the equipment by original sanding it or rubbing it getting a stiff cable tv brush, then wiping the bare material getting a lumination coating of oil.

earlier to placing your methods apart for the season, give them a thorough washing and rub the material components with oil. retain wooden handles and shafts smooth by sanding and oiling them with linseed oil.

How to Sharpen Shovels and Hoes


Fasten the equipment within your vise or workbench, so the mind is held securely.

starting at one part in the shovel and holding your document at a 45-degree angle in the direction of shovelhead create a sequence of extended strokes along one edge.

hold out your way steadily to the center in the shovelhead filing only one edge. (When sharpening a shovel or perhaps a hoe, you only should sharpen one side). whenever you attain the middle, start over in one other part in the shovelhead and hold out your way back again to the middle.

pursuing sharpening the equipment spray it with WD-40 or rub it with essential oil to keep away from rust.

How to Sharpen and obvious Pruners


consider the pruners apart. (Quality pruners will possess a screw in the bottom in the jaws which you can remove.)

eradicate any sap buildup for the blades producing utilization of mineral spirits as well as a rag.

once the pruners are apart and cleaned up, you can sharpen the slicing blade producing utilization of the kitchen area knife sharpener or perhaps a whetstone.

distribute some essential oil for the blades to keep away from any rust buildup earlier to reassembling.