How to Replace a Plug

    Instead of tossing out a lamp, appliance or extension cord owning a broken plug, adhere to these actions to replace the plug.



ascertain no subject whether you need a two-pronged plug (ungrounded) as well as a three-pronged plug (grounded). alternative plugs could be ordered at hardware stores, lumberyards and home-improvement centers. when you have doubts concerning the exact plug you need, minimize the more mature just one away and hold it as well as a short portion belonging toward the cord with you.

choose a heavy-duty plug; it may nicely cost only a tiny extra, however the plug will last an exceptional offer longer.


Open up the outside include belonging toward the alternative plug. (Most possess a screw or two that preserve them closed, or element a snap-lock method that could be pried available owning a thin-bladed screwdriver.)

Cut away the more mature plug, if you haven’t carried out so already. owning a cable tv set stripper, strip every cable tv set while in the cord to which you’re attaching the brand new plug owning a cable tv set stripper. About 1/2 to 3/4 inch of bare cable tv set is all that’s needed.

Attach just one cable tv set below the screws in the carry out of every plug prong. If it’s a two-pronged plug, it doesn’t subject which cable tv set is hooked to which prong. The cord will hold out both way. If it’s a three-wire grounded plug, you’ll should be particular how the soil cable tv set (with eco-friendly insulation) is related toward the soil prong, which could be the round prong. one other two could be related both way.

Put the include back again on and snap or screw it into place. Your cord is ready to acquire plugged in.