How to Test Alligator Clips

     Alligator clips are metal clips that are attached electrically to conductive wiring, named to the gripping teeth that give them resemblance to the jaws of an alligator. You can use them to connect any metal item to electrical circuitry devoid of other fastening. They usually appear in pairs, with one clip sheathed in dark rubber as well as another coated in red-colored rubber.

Clip the 9 volt battery hat onto the terminals near to the battery.

Clip the red-colored alligator clip onto the red-colored cable tv near to the battery hat as well as the dark alligator clip onto the dark wire.


Peel half a centimeter of rubber away the opposite carry out near to the alligator clips jointly with your fingernail.


Touch the subjected wiring onto the terminals near to the multimeter.

Read the voltage near to the multimeter. If it is 9 volt or -9 volt, your alligator clips are functional.