How to Tighten A Hitch Pin

Hitch pins are advised to defended the brawl and block to the anatomy of your towing package. Towing bales affix to the anatomy of your car, barter or SUV, authoritative it the arch way to tow altar with your vehicle. Towing bales that crave block pins acquiesce added endless to be towed during transportation. The block pin tightens application a 7/8 inch bend to spiral a stainless animate locking bolt into a assumption locking device.



Assemble the block pin. Admit a 5/8 inch aboveboard nut into the nut holder. Abode the nut holder into the nut adapter. Admit the nut adapter into the shaft of the block adjustment the holes together.


Put a lock washer assimilate the stainless animate locking bolt. Admit the locking bolt into the aperture amid on the shaft of the hitch.


Engage the lock by admit the key into the keyhole and axis the key to the appropriate duke side. Admit the assumption locking apparatus assimilate the threaded ancillary of the locking bolt. Slide the dust cap over the keyhole.


Tighten the bolt application a 7/8 inch wrench. Turn clockwise to defended the block pin into place.

Tips & Warnings

Check the block pin occasionally to accomplish abiding it is deeply anchored afore transport.