How to Use a Banjo Taping Tool

    A drywall banjo may properly be considered a contractor’s phrase for just about any experienced unit that applies cardstock drywall tape and drywall mud in the one-step treatment as opposed to two. When sheet rock, or drywall is installed, the installer should take advantage of a slim plasterlike substance over the seams in between the drywall sheets. A cardstock or fiberglass drywall tape is embedded within drywall compound. Contractors who need to pace up the app process, use a banjo unit that simplifies applying the very first layer of drywall compound and cardstock tape into one step.



combination the drywall compound, or “mud,” completely in its 5-gallon pail container previous to applying the mud using the wall utilizing the heavy-duty electrical drill as well as the drywall mud mixing paddle. Drywall mud will need advantage of using the wall and be much less difficult to purpose with if it goes on to be recently mixed.

available the banjo drywall tool. The banjo unit qualities two separate compartments. The round compartment on the back again finish off within of the unit receives the cardstock drywall seam tape. place a roll of cardstock tape within banjo and handbook the cardstock tape by method of the slots into and out within of the 2nd compartment within tool. Pull the tape to create a trailing borders of cardstock tape extending by method of the entrance finish off within of the banjo.

Fill the 2nd compartment within drywall banjo with freshly mixed drywall compound. take advantage of the 4-inch drywall taping knife to cut back the mud by method of the 5-gallon pail. Fill the small compartment within banjo. once the 2nd compartment is full, near the banjo.

Pull a short product of drywall tape by method of the entrance borders within of the drywall banjo right up until the tape coming out within of the banjo is coated with drywall compound. This unit coats the tape with mud and allows that you take advantage of the drywall tape using the wall that is previously coated with drywall mud on each sides within of the tape.

Press the entrance borders within of the banjo unit toward the drywall. steadily draw the banjo unit along the wall, over the best within of the drywall seam. since the banjo moves throughout the same, a drywall tape could possibly be utilized to this seam as though it experienced been masking tape, sticking using the drywall merely because within of the drywall mud.

Run the 6-inch drywall knife over the best within of the newly utilized drywall seam tape to press the tape using the wall and smooth out the drywall compound. With practice, this activity will develop to be unnecessary. Experienced drywall banjo unit people could take advantage of the cardstock tape using the wall in one uncomplicated step, which saves the contractor set up labor costs.