How to Use a Drywall Knife

A drywall knife is not employed for cutting. Builders take advantage of the means to distribute joint compound throughout toe nail or screw holes and taped seams in drywall. think from the system as comparable to some putty knife, instead of a power knife. Drywall knives arrive within of a broad variety of sizes for use in distinctive circumstances.



area only a tiny dab of joint compound concerning the flat portion of the 3- or 4-inch drywall knife near to the edge. sustain the system using the joint compound in the direction of the drywall, and slide the knife along the surface. The joint compound need to fill the toe nail holes using the drywall.

allow the drywall compound to dried out perfect apart and sand smooth.


Apply a 2nd layer of joint compound using a 6-inch drywall knife, pursuing precisely the very same procedures. Use a wider drywall knife to take advantage of each and every subsequent coat of joint compound. This spreads the joint compound over a bigger area, making a smoother changeover amid the compound furthermore to the drywall.

Apply a slender coat of joint compound over the seam amid two sheets of drywall, utilizing a 3- to 4-inch drywall knife. Press the joint tape to the compound by operating the borders from the drywall knife blade along the joint. allow the materials to dried out perfect apart previous to sanding the tough edges down.

Place one more layer of joint compound concerning the seams using a 6-inch drywall knife. allow this coat to dried out perfect apart previous to sanding smooth.

Use a corner drywall knife to take advantage of joint compound on within or outside corners. This drywall knife consists of a blade shaped in to a perfect angle. take advantage of the joint compound concerning the within from the blade for work on outside corners, and along the outside from the angle for software programs in within corners.

Tips & Warnings

Builders regularly have really several drywall knives in several sizes. For do-it-yourselfers, a few sizes as well as a corner drywall knife must develop to be adequate. The means are on the marketplace at hardware and residence development stores.

makers also industry some slicing means as drywall knives. These may be power knife-type tools, specialized cutters with several blades and tiny drywall saws. they are knives designed and marketed to cut back drywall, but are not what is traditionally referred to like a drywall knife.