How to Use a Paint Roller

Paint rollers allow it to be easy to include huge flat areas along the lines of ceilings, walls, as well as floors. Roll on!



purchase a sturdy roller frame; you’ll be pressing on it reasonably hard. obtain just one owning a threaded finish off through the look after which means you can include an extension pole. choose the exact sleeve to the job. Smoother walls consider a shorter nap (the period of your time from the hairs); heavier textures along the lines of plaster or stucco need a lengthier nap (3/4 inch or more).

start 1st owning a brush in corners and near to trim. (See “How to create utilization of the Paintbrush.”)


Get your roller ready. previous to dipping the sleeve to the paint, dampen it with consuming water (for latex) or solvent (for alkyd). quickly after dipping it into paint, roll away adequate paint to make certain that it doesn’t drip.

Lay reducing the paint through the issue of an “N” or “M”, then go back again over it in straight columns, getting cautious to flatten the paint ridges when you go. On walls, don’t really feel you need to go from ground to ceiling – just run reducing in the basic fashion.

Get as near when you can to the corners not owning scraping the borders from the roller in the direction of the corner. preserve a brush handy should you do, so that you simply can smooth paint out.

Wrap the roller sleeve in foil, plastic material wrap, and even a damp rag – or immerse it in consuming water (if you’re painting with latex) if you’re on the way to end painting for very much over numerous minutes.

Clean equally the roller frame as well as the sleeve nicely should you tactic to create utilization of them again. Squeeze as very much paint out from the sleeve when you can, then rinse, squeeze, and rinse right up until the fluid (water or solvent) is quite clear.

Tips & Warnings

regular rollers are 9 inches, and so are in simple fact two parts: the roller alone (the frame), as well as the cover, or sleeve – the element that obtains wet with paint.

Rollers are practically certainly not best suited for woodwork, along the lines of cabinetry or passage doors (even flat ones). The exception is floors, whether or not producing utilization of paint, stain or obvious finish off topcoats.

For most projects, a paint tray is fine. But for bigger projects, you can obtain a framed display that hangs right into a 5-gallon bucket.

For bigger projects, you could possibly need to purchase or book a “power roller”, which pumps paint straight to the roller which means you don’t need to dip it. Be aware, however, how the fantastic of those products can vary.

You can purchase rollers which have been shorter and thinner for finding into hard areas, along the lines of at the rear of toilets or into odd corners.

should you take advantage of something except water-based paint, certainly not leave the roller, the sleeve, or any rags or brushes in an enclosed space. many fires start this way! area them outside or in the bucket of water, away from accomplish of children and animals.