Innovative New Compressors

A handful of several weeks ago, Campbell Hausfeld announced numerous snazzy new nailers. The innovation do not end there – CH recently announced two new compressor systems: a 26 gallon gadget that persists to be dubbed the “ultimate transportable compressor”, as well as a wall-mountable 8 gallon gadget that could be equipped with as drastically as two add-on 8 gallon tanks.

On CH’s microsite for these new compressors, it says: “CH would ensure it is uncomplicated to make an make an effort to do it Like a Pro.” review on to set up why we look at this to acquire a fact and drastically much greater than a mere marketing line.

26 Gallon ground Compressor

Taking a appear on the highlights using the brand new 26 gallon unit, we observed numerous fascinating new features, the very first of which could be CH’s new quick inflation technology. As implied, CH’s RIT layout is intended for more quickly inflation applications. What requires place could be the reality the fact that compressor very first pressurizes the hose preceding to the tank to ensure that you just can start operating since the tank fills up.

For higher ease of use, CH additional an additional large regulator knob with gentle rubber touch points, and an additional large and uncomplicated to review gauge. Easy-to-understand icons serve as reminders concerning which demands must acquire employed for different assets and tasks.

The new 26 gallon gadget also features enhanced portability, most notably because of its no-tilt push or pull 2-wheel and 2-caster design. CH engineered the compressor to preserve a reduce center of gravity for higher sense of balance and stability, as well as incorporated an axle brake to help at lowest vibration.

Lastly, the oil-free compressor consists of a extremely very easily accessed tank drain, an oversized “hands-free” energy switch, and space for onboard gadget storage.

Specs: 150 max PSI, 1.7HP, 3.8SCFM @90PSI, 5.6SCFM @ 40 PSI, as well as a current retail store price tag tag of $340.

8 Gallon Wall-Mounted Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld’s new 8 gallon wall mountable compressor packs numerous extremely amazing features within a compact unit. What’s drastically better than only a tiny compressor footprint? No ground footprint at all!

In purchase to lessen vibration, CH engineers suspended the compressor engine and integrated an anti-vibration method to the wall mount. Suspending the engine consists of a straightforward rationale, but we are extremely curious concerning how and how properly the anti-vibration layout works.

That this compressor is wall mountable was adequate to available our eye and preserve our attention. But CH do not end there – their engineers additional an expandability choice precisely where as drastically as two additional wall-mountable 8 gallon transportable takeaway tanks could be coupled to the system. In other words, this 8 gallon set up can quickly and very easily turn out to be considered a 16 or 24 gallon setup.

Pardon my frankness, but holy smokes, they are amazing features! Sure, one could consistently few a transportable oxygen tank to any current compressor, but not almost as quickly, effortlessly, or seamlessly.

The oil-free 8 gallon compressor also consists of an additional large regulator knob and stress gauge, and an uncomplicated drain tank.

Specs: 150 max PSI, 1.7HP, 3.8SCFM @90PSI, 5.6SCFM @ 40 PSI, as well as a current retail store price tag tag of $250 to the principal unit, and $55 for every auxiliary 8 gallon tank.