Megapro Driver

Megapro’s broad range of multi-bit screwdrivers, bits, and accessories, are optimistic to encounter the majority of your cellular producing needs. Currently, there are 7 motorists with completely different tad assortments centered on tad sort or common utilization – hex, tamperproof, and automotive to brand a few. every screwdriver arrives with 7 double-sided bits as well as a 1/4″ hex driver, but you can also purchase even more bits separately. If these do not strike your fancy, hold a appear at Megapro’s ratcheting, Shaftlok, or Megalok drivers.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Megapro’s 15in1 hex driver. I chose this edition instead belonging toward “original” thinking about which i frequently use metric hex bits on my mountain bike, and common hex bits on numerous pieces of equipment. there are lots of commercial companies as well as a few on the net companies that hold Megapro products, but I ended up purchasing this driver from Sears.

Megapro Driver Dimensions

Let’s start away using the handle. created of hard plastic material with bumps for additional grip, the look after is generally at ease to hold. The look after may be also relatively huge – about 1.5 inches, permitting one to take advantage of a decent amount of torque to some fastener devoid of breaking a sweat. on the accomplish belonging toward driver, the cartridge hat serves like a palm support, which translates to friction-free stability. on the shaft-end belonging toward look after is in actuality a rotating collar, which also allows retain the driver steady for additional delicate driving.


When it is best to swap out bits, just hold a preserve belonging toward cap, along using the cartridge effortlessly slides out. To safe the cartridge, merely push it back again to the handle. one issue to be aware will in all probability be the actuality the fact that friction between the endcap along using the look after is adequate to ensure the fact that catridge does not proceed on its non-public – a needed feature for tad drivers. The bits by themselves snap really securely into their cartridge, and so are not complicated to remove. Bits lock securely to the driver, and appear getting developed of best level of quality hardened steel.

Megapro vs. motorists Comparison

Overall, I am really pleased with this driver. However, there experienced been a few factors which i experienced been in the beginning unhappy about. earliest of all, when you can see, Megapro’s motorists are huge – a complete whole lot bigger than I experienced initially anticipated. Then, there will in all probability be the “1/4″ hex driver” – a nut driver, which cannot preserve common insert bits. concerning one other hand, this could be not only a substantial issue thinking about that all Megapro bits may maybe be obtained separately.

My last complaint – regardless of the actuality that Megapro’s look after is quickly to obvious and provides a decent grip, it slipped repeatedly when I attempted to break loose tight fasteners. Let’s just say which i will not make an effort to hold out that once more devoid of gloves. hard plastic material bumps are considerably additional abrasive and distressing than one may think, specifically when gliding greater than sweaty hands. In Megapro’s defense, an L-key or ratchet would are already considerably additional appropriate for these fasteners, also it is in all probability that ball-end bits would have sheared obvious off.

In conclusion, Megapro’s 15in1 motorists are customizable, at ease to take advantage of (under most conditions), and so are of really best level of quality building – I extremely propose them. At $25 (via Sears) for the non-ratcheting versions, Megapro’s motorists are even now affordable, plus they hold out much considerably better than most much less pricey alternatives.