Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imaging Camera

Milwaukee has announced their new M12 thermal imaging camera, product 2260-21, which additional broadens their currently great assortment of screening & diagnostics tools. The thermal imager features a 160×120 px thermal image resolution, 14-662°F temperatures range, 3.5″ 640×480 px color fluid crystal display display, also it saves pictures to an SD card (2GB included) through jpeg format.

The M12 thermal imager is capable of simultaneously capturing a thermal map with one another with a visual image, which could possibly be viewed back-and-forth in-camera or side-by-side in the report. a few of LED floodlights help illuminate dim purpose destinations visually and inside the corresponding photographs. The electronic camera is rated at IP54 for environment and dirt resistance, and is also founded getting comfortably operated with gloved hands.

On paper, the M12 edition appears to possess an borders versus competing models, but competition (e.g. FLIR/Extech and Fluke) have lots of much more many years of knowledge in developing and troubleshooting these sorts of tools. It is steering to be fascinating to decide if Milwaukee can effectively encroach on their territory.

The unit is bundled owning a 2GB SD card, USB cable, 1X M12 RedLithium battery, 20-minute charger, SD card reader, carrying case, and report era software. MSRP is $2500, with one another with a tool-free edition (2260-20) may possibly be offered inside the future.

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