Muffler Clamp Types

  A muffler is utilized to decrease car exhaust noise. The muffler method consists of the extended pipes that connect the muffler for that exhaust as well as the muffler itself. Along the pipes a broad range of clamps, when fastened properly, support preserve the exhaust audio tracks muffled to some bearable level.


Pipe Clamp

A pipe clamp is ordinarily a extremely essential type of clamp utilized on mufflers to restrain the muffler and pipes not getting impending upon the metal. The clamp is ordinarily a strap of metallic that arrives in different widths and lengths, that is affixed with a nut and screw mechanism. On every facet belonging in the direction of strap is ordinarily a hole precisely where the screw slips within as shortly since the clamp is wrapped near to the pipe. A nut is positioned in the finish off belonging in the direction of screw and tightened to protected the clamp in place.
Screw Band

A screw strap clamp is comparable in the direction of pipe clamp, using the exception of how the screw is affixed in the direction of band. even although the screw and nut are utilized to tighten reducing the clamp, the strap alone has slots all through that slide under the screw. The slots slip right into a holding mechanism as well as the screw tightens the strap in place.

A U-bolt clamp, also named a universal bolt, is produced from the thick U-shaped rod collectively with a female connector. The metallic rod is positioned over the pipe, even although the adjoining connector is screwed over the threaded clamp ends. This clamp is ordinarily a extremely sturdy clamp, in contrast to the band-style, which may maybe deform below pressure. U-bolt clamps are also utilized within of a assortment of other applications, which consists of components belonging in the direction of car outside the muffler system.