New ToolChanger Toolbox – Game Changing Tool Storage?

The ToolChanger is ordinarily a producer new vertical system box made to replace conventional system chests within a experienced natural environment by providing complete and customized business for often employed hand tools. It may nicely be docked on best of the 26″rolling system cupboard or sturdy stationary purpose surface.

ToolChanger system Box Filled with Tools

The ToolChanger qualities three principal compartments – sockets and wrenches go within bottom; screwdrivers also to other long-handled or shafted options go within middle; and pliers, hammers, also to other bulky merchandise may nicely be saved concerning the best shelf. Other options may nicely be saved within a not-included cell system cabinet.

Keeps options prepared and immediately accessible
Ergonomic – options may nicely be retrieved even when placing on thick gloves
Logical business – wrenches may nicely be stacked inline with same-size sockets
Customizable – vertical racks and pliers tray may nicely be sized to meet person needs
designed in united states and completely repairable
Anodized aluminum and premium rubber components are chemical-resistant

The ToolChanger is priced at $1500, which consists of shipping.
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We think how the particular ToolChanger compartments are really nicely designed and configured, from each a usability and aesthetics standpoint. But like a whole, we are not however convinced how the ToolChanger is ordinarily a game-changing breakthrough. It does provide different benefits when in comparison with conventional system chests, but there are also a few downsides.

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