New WD-40 Specialized Products Tackle Tougher Jobs

Multi-purpose lubes and chemicals are handy to have around the home and shop, but they might not always be the best for the task at hand. Finally realizing this, WD-40 just announced five new maintenance products that they say are best-in-class.

New WD-40 Products

  • Rust Release Penetrant Spray – penetrates rust 50% faster than competing products, also acts as rest and corrosion preventative
  • Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant – dries fast without a mess and is waterproof
  • Protective White Lithium Grease – long-lasting lubrication for metal-metal contact applications
  • Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor – protects metal from corrosion for up to 1-year outdoors and 2-years indoors
  • Rust Remover Soak – biodegradable and non-toxic, restores rusted metal parts back to clean bare-metal condition

Don’t worry, traditional WD-40 will still be available, presumably under a new WD-40 Multi-Use label.


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