Online Tool Store

Sears’ Craftsman brand has launched its own stand-alone online store!! Perhaps this is the beginning of an autonomous Craftsman that I have been dreaming about for years?

Here are my observations thus far:

  • The Craftsman store seems to be based off of Sears’ shopping engine
  • The Craftsman store only offers for sale Craftsman products (duh)
  • My Sears.com store logon does not work, suggesting that the Craftsman store really will be treated separately
  • The Craftsman store seems to have its own separate customer service dept.
  • There seems to be a close tie-in between the store and the Craftsman Club
  • There is a note saying upgrade your purchase | club members save up to 10%
  • There is a nifty “price slider” which you use to filter search results by maximum price
  • You can also filter search results by customer rating
  • There is a ”tools I own” feature which might be the basis for some type of feature I cannot yet figure out

I have already encountered several bugs and inconsistencies with the new site. Then again, I happened upon the Craftsman store somewhat randomly and accidentally – it could be that the store isn’t due to be officially announced for a few more days.

In case you haven’t noticed that the image above is a clickable thumbnail, here is a link to the full width screenshot.

Now, if only we started seeing (more?) standalone “brick and mortar” Craftsman stores – that sure would be something!