Pelican 1460TOOL Mobile Tool Chest

Pelican just announced a producer new inclusion to their lineup of hard-shelled instances – the 1460TOOL, a medium-sized cell system chest. The 1460TOOL system chest is created for mechanics and specialists who do loads of area work, and qualities two completely customizable trays, reinforced stainless metal support brackets, and Pelican’s signature heavy-duty polymer circumstance construction.

The two trays are extra-deep and lift up out from the system chest for fast and effortless entry to resources and equipment. Adjustable and removable dividers allow it to be effortless to customize the trays to preserve tools, components and accessories.

Pelican instances 1460Tool cell system Chest Organizer available View

The attached lid opens up a entire 180°, as well as to assisting include a broad stable bottom for that popped-up system trays, it performs using the tray method to type a seal that secures all components within to preserve them sorted out once the circumstance is closed. … Continue Reading


Elzetta ZFL-M60 Tactical LED Flashlight Hands-on Review

We experienced been reviewing an Elzetta ZFL-M60 LED flashlight, as well as although our toughness exams are nevertheless underway, we believed to hold out a fast evaluation about what we have observed so far.
First Impression

The Elzetta ZFL-M60 is flat-out amid one of the most well-constructed flashlights we have actually seen. every sole element from the anodized aluminum plan is completely machined, by means of the mind module and tail hat grooves, in the direction of the knurling. really quite a few from one other flashlights we have observed and individual do arrive close, but fall short if you spend curiosity to finer design details.

Elzetta ZFL-M60 LED Flashlight Crenelated Bezel … Continue Reading


Bosch GTS 10 XC Professional Table Saw with Built-in Crosscut Sled

Bosch consists of a kick-ass layout team, also it is a shame that the amount of the most revolutionary options will by no implies ensure it is in the direction of USA. in the moment, we are especially speaking about their plunge check saw as well as the GTM twelve professional table-miter saw combo we discussed yesterday.

We recently found out an even more new Bosch energy tool, the GTS 10 XC experienced table saw, and we are afraid that this as well will possibly be considered a EU-only tool.

Just looking in the saw, we could inform it absolutely was different. A crosscut sled, or in the very very least a mechanism that resembles one, is built right to the table. Bosch calls this an integrated slide carriage. it could accommodate a greatest board width of 350mm, or about 13-3/4″. … Continue Reading


Pruning Trees? There’s a Saw Blade for That

There are an enormous amount of options you can use to prune a tree. A reciprocating saw would make fast work of medium-sized branches, say 5/8″ – 3″ in diameter.

If you only reduce a few branches a year, then you certainly can possibly use what ever wood-cutting saw blades you have at your disposal. But if you are tasked with slicing an enormous amount of or thicker branches, you are on the way to need to think about into account picking up an right saw blade. … Continue Reading


New Bosch Mini Reciprocating Blades

Bosch PS60 with new short saw blade

There are pretty a few 12V compact reciprocating saws inside the marketplace today, for example the Bosch PS60, Dewalt pivot saw, Makita pistol-grip saw, Porter cable television set ClampSaw, and Milwaukee M12 Hackzall. These saws run largest with 4-inch blades, but these scaled-down blades could possibly be challenging to find.

Bosch recently announced a brand name new collection of short 4″ pocket reciprocating saw blades that come going to be designed for optimum performance. Blade groups include:

all-purpose for wooden with nails
all-purpose for wood, plastic, lighting metal, and sandwiched materials.

The all-purpose blades attribute a thinner kerf for more quickly cutting, as well as the metal blade qualities Bosch’s 2×2 tooth geometry for enhanced heavy-use performance.

These blades are mentioned for getting readily available at distributors and home centers.


Leatherman Sidekick vs. Wingman Review

We reviewed Leatherman’s Sidekick multi-tool a few days ago, also it left us getting a amazingly optimistic impression. The Sidekick and Wingman are Leatherman’s newest entry-level multi-tools, plus they provide decent operation at affordable price tag points.

Although we only intended to evaluation the Sidekick, we arrived throughout an ideal offer for the Wingman and promptly obtained one for personal use and review. because very much of what we mentioned concerning the Sidekick holds correct concerning the Wingman, we made the decision to accomplish a comparison movement photo evaluation that focuses much more for the tools’ distinctive features.

Although the scissors gave us some problems initially, they hold out completely now that people realized they need merely a tiny additional force to deploy. once the liner lock is not engaged, the scissors will not hold out properly.
Leatherman Sidekick vs. Wingman Summary … Continue Reading


Surplus Israeli and Czech Gas Masks

These Israeli and Czech gasoline masks have in any way instances marketed properly as novelty items, but income experienced been through the roofing recently. So what could you in fact use them for?

One believed could be the fact that grownup men and ladies experienced been getting them as very much as use as element of the Halloween costumes. There’s a also been a surge of grownup men and ladies getting them as element of zombie-defense kits, which falls in with other novelty uses. We have also witnessed them as props in an astonishingly amount of indie and novice films.
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Craftsman Professional

I need a vise – what’s one of the most advantageous I might get for below $50? $100? $150? This query arrives up a lot, as well as the solution can vary. What can you plan to take advantage of it for? How large of the vise are you currently looking for? can you choose new or used?

The well-known judgment is that, for home use, a employed American-made vise is largest for just about any limited budget. As lengthy since it is in decent problem and you also deliver it back again to smooth operating purchase using a fast cleanup and lubing, a employed vise will serve you an ideal offer better than any new vise you can purchase for the money. … Continue Reading


5 Reasons to Buy a T-Handle Screwdriver Bit Holder


It’s a WOOT-Off – Check Throughout the Day for New Deals!

Just to allow you know, there’s a WOOT-Off on the way on right now. WOOT is genuinely a standard one-deal-a-day on the internet store that people look at day-to-day and frequently purchase from. just about every now after which they possess a WOOT-Off, precisely where they founded up a brand determine new merchandise quickly pursuing an product sells out.

There’s no telling what else could be marketed all through this WOOT-Off, but within your previous they’ve marketed multi-tools, Dremel tools, hand tools, energy tools, as well as other equipment and home improvement-related products. … Continue Reading

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