Portable Compressor

Many Ridgid energy assets are so nicely produced which i occasionally wonder why they are not only a whole whole lot more standard than they are. Ridgid’s 4.5 gallon twin stacked compressor could possibly be considered a superb demonstration of how Ridgid’s assets are ordinarily underhyped. This compressor experienced so several superb attributes – by applying the beautifully nicely spaced manage panel, toward easy-access drain valve, marvelous high quality couplers, and thick rubber anti-vibration feet.

A little bit greater than two weeks ago, just one of our Craftsman compressors experienced failed, and I volunteered to unpack and arranged up the Ridgid compressor that the colleague experienced picked up at property or home Depot. My principal observation was that this system was quite sturdy for its dimension – heavy, but sturdy. Then, of course, I admired the manage panel, EZ Drain (bottom left near to the front), and couplers as I attached the compressor to our equipment. almost immediately right after I hooked every thing up, I determined that this could be the style which i would replace my personal a few of gallon compressor with within future.

The compressor felt strong (even using the engine running), was almost a satisfaction to operate, and supplied an extraordinary offer a whole whole lot more airflow than I experienced anticipated, especially granted its (relatively) minimal price. The compressor was a little bit difficult to lug around, though, granted the one-handed manage grip. However, this could be not as well an extraordinary offer to be worried about granted how the compressor will almost certainly not be repositioned.

Spacious and Uncluttered manage PanelRidgid Compressor ControlsWe shot the photo from above to make certain how the income specs will be effortlessly readable.

I have employed numerous Ridgid nailers before, but this was my principal find possessing a Ridgid compressor. Unfortunately, it appears that this compressor is difficult to find. The aged edition (OF45150) is featured on Ridgid’s website, however the brand new edition (OF45175) is only found out by applying property or home Depot’s Canadian site. Campbell Hausfeld could possibly be the manufacturer, but I cannot uncover something comparable within their lineup! I suppose how the optimistic consider on this could possibly be the simple fact that Ridgid does not merely rebadge OEM assets and objects – they redesign/improve them as well.

I was even now quite impressed, and will certainly give Ridgid’s lineup considerable thought for my potential oxygen compression needs, in the very least if they preserve their work together. through a current trip to property or home Depot, their only Ridgid providing was a lightweight compressor/toolbox/hose+reel/two nailer combo arranged – most possibly heavily stocked and marketed for that winter holiday buying season.