Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer Review

Last thirty day period Porter cable television set announced two new infrared thermometers that are actually powered by possibly an 18V rechargeable battery or common 9V alkaline battery. questioning how properly the $60 models in comparison for that other IR thermometers we have employed before, we inquired for just about any sample inside the 9V edition (PCC582) to look at out.

The IR thermometer attributes a -22°-590°F measurement range, ±1.8° accuracy, and 12:1 area ratio. You press the trigger to turn near to the system and sample a reference temperature, and an LED beam indicators if your measured readings are hotter (red LED), colder (blue LED), or within limits (green LED) in comparison for that reference when you scan throughout numerous areas. You can arranged the LED signal threshold for getting 1°, 5°, or 10°F, or can disable the function entirely. as a great offer as 10 temperatures could possibly be recorded and achieved back again near to the device, as well as only a little key modifications models from °F to °C.

Porter cable television set IR Thermometer Backlit fluid crystal display Display

A backlit fluid crystal display displays the reference temperatures (top right), latest temperatures studying (bottom), threshold (top left), and when in playback mode it exhibits the recorded temperature.
Size, create superb & Design

The thermometer fits comfortably from the hand, and is also created using a solid-feeling plastic material body. It is bigger than other models near to the market, but this really is not necessarily a bad element since it produces the system much less difficult to hold, point, and pull away from the system bag.

Temperature readings have been correct and have been verified with an additional non-contact IR thermometer as well as a thermocouple. The colored LED beam spreads out much more than a distance, seemingly corresponding using the sizing inside the sampled area at that distance, and is also brilliant enough even throughout common sized rooms.

VS. the Competition

Dewalt’s IR thermometer, which we reviewed a few weeks ago, is about double the merchandising price (including 12V battery and charger), but provides a great offer more potent measurement choices as well as a higher temperatures range.

Cheap Import design – these could possibly be found out at really a few stores for below $20, and therefore undoubtedly are a great offer more compact but with potential accuracy, reliability, and repeatability issues.

Fluke Mini IR thermometer – this design and other people like it undoubtedly are a great offer more compact, have higher temperatures measurement ranges, higher accuracy, and therefore undoubtedly are a great offer more expensive, but are not really as fast for detecting thermal differences.

Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector – the instant inspiration and backbone solutions inside the Porter cable television set IR thermometer. The Leak Detector is slightly a great offer more compact but much less rugged and does not function the PC’s 10-measurement memory. Sensor specs are not available, but we presume the temperatures range and reliability are comparable. The Leak Detector is about $25 much less pricey than than PC.

The Porter cable television set infrared thermometer proved for getting a really capable device. It consists of a tethered protector hat that keeps dirt and debris apart away from your lens, a protected rubberized grip, and all round beneficial really feel to it. getting individual measurements is fast and easy, as well as the thermal scanning function and LED signal method achieved well.

We suggest the IR thermometer, and choose Porter Cable’s 9V design much more compared to 18V one. But for individuals who do not need jobsite-tough create superb or even the storage feature, the dark and Decker edition appears to provide a great offer within a comparable features at a decrease merchandising price point.

Our only complaint are going to be the actuality that there is no method to temporarily remove the dangling tethered lens/sensor cap.

Thank you to definitely Porter cable television set for delivering the sample for this evaluation unconditionally. evaluation illustrations are regularly returned, donated, or in some instances retained for additional screening or benchmark and comparison purposes.