Power Tool Tech: Brushless Motors 101

A basal brushed motor has an armature (rotor), commutator, brushes, arbor and abiding magnets. Accepted is activated through the brushes, which are in concrete and electrical acquaintance with the commutator. Accepted again passes through the coiled armature, creating a alluring field.

The created alluring fields collaborate with those of the abiding magnets that beleaguer the armature, causing the armature to circle about the axle. If you administer greater current, such as if you clasp the activate of a cordless ability apparatus harder, you will actualize stronger alluring fields in the armature, consistent in greater alternation armament and appropriately faster rotation.

As you can see in the diagram, accent in red, the brushes are in acquaintance with the commutator. Friction amid the brushes and the commutator after-effects in a slight bead in acceleration and thermal activity losses. In addition, the brushes may charge to be replaced periodically as they abrasion out over time with use.

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