Push-Lock Slip Joint Pliers

Stanley’s FatMax push-lock slip joint pliers show up like regular slip joint pliers, but feature an simpler to create utilization of key adjustment. There are also three opening width settings instead of just 2.

I attempted these out in-store, along using the pliers experienced been smooth to adjust and operate. The effect using the three push-lock opening width settings could possibly be considered a touch underwhelming, along using the center setting was only a little complicated to dial in on. Even so, regardless of the actuality the fact that FatMax pliers weren’t mind-blowingly amazing, i experienced been awfully tempted to purchase the 2-piece slip joint and groove-lock set. Ultimately, fact arranged in and I realized I genuinely do not need a terrific offer more pliers.

If I do need one more pair of slip joint pliers, I can be considered a terrific offer more inclined to go acquiring a a terrific offer more conventional design, which consists of Wilde’s flush-joint pliers. that is to not say the fact that FatMax push-lock design and design does not have its merits, but I personally do not see a terrific offer advantage in acquiring three adjustment settings.