Strait-Line Grip-Light

The Strait-Line Grip mild may possibly be considered a instead special fluorescent hold out mild that may possibly be positioned in almost any way one could imagine. among one of the most special and very helpful attributes with this mild is its sliding hook. based on how you adjust this hook, the mild may possibly be clamped to an object, hung away of entrance panels and comparable structures, and even held manually with a contoured handle! If these configurations do not hold out for you, there can be considered a sturdy kick-stand that facilitates the mild upright.

The mild has two 13W bulbs, the clamp consists of a 10″ capacity, and there is even an additional energy outlet. For some reason, information and details concerning the time period belonging in the direction of the energy cord is omitted within your light’s product or services description. Althoguh Straight-Line posted the light’s instruction handbook on their internet website the cord’s time period is not pointed around either. within your worst situation scenario of the short cord, a 14 appraise or thicker extension cord may possibly be used.

Unfortunately, because I could only can be found throughout one store which has this revolutionary mild in-stock, it absolutely was most possibly discontinued. near to the brightside, Woodcraft is retailing the Grip-Light for $15, with costless shipping. be aware that knowledge suggests that one might not hesitate once they see 50% discounts and clearance designations, and that it is often most effective getting ready using the occasional “insufficient stock” purchase cancellation.