How to Fix a Cheap LED Flashlight? A: You Don’t

A buddy recently requested me if I could help him fix his affordable flashlight. He does not remember how substantially it initially cost, but thinks he purchased it for just about any dollar or two a few weeks ago.

The flashlight only performs intermittently, using a higher probability of achievement when it is jarred or violently shaken. To me it seems such as the trouble is using the change or battery contacts, but maybe there may nicely be considered a short or broken guide in or near to the LED.

Here is my suggestion concerning the way in which to fix a affordable flashlight… discard it and purchase an extra one, preferably a substantially better one from the brand recognize that stands at the rear of its products. … Continue Reading


New Swanson Savage Pro Hand Tools Preview

Swanson, finest acknowledged for their ubiquitous fee rectangular design, is launching a brand recognize new collection of licensed hand methods below the Savage brand recognize name. Here’s a fast preview of some near to the brand new methods you can anticipate to create in 2012.
Savage Illuminated Levels

Swanson Savage Illuminated LevelsThese new lighted quantities will possibly be accessible in 24″ and 48″ lengths. every sole features three LED-lit vials, a constant uninterrupted rail, “SuperShock” endcaps, as well as a durable extruded box aluminum frame.
Savage Box-Beam & I-Beam Levels … Continue Reading


New Dewalt Solid Carbide SDS Plus Bits, Depth and Dust Control System

Dewalt recently announced a brand determine new collection of SDS as well as drill bits that they are calling sturdy Rock Carbide. These new bits are produced with twice as a amazing offer carbide than normal SDS as well as drill bits, that will require to cut back downtime brought on by suggestion or flute breakage. (I wonder how these bits will look at using the brand new carbide-head Bulldog Xtreme bits Bosch recently announced.) … Continue Reading


Kobalt Multi Drive Wrench Full Hands-on Review

Kobalt’s Multi Drive Wrench, a new dog-bone appearance atrium wrench, has become acutely accepted with anniversary shoppers and is aggressive arch to arch with Black & Decker’s new ratcheting ReadyWrench. … Continue Reading