New Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drill Driver and Hammer Drill

Within the previous few of months, the two Dewalt and Bosch unveiled their newly redesigned 20V/18V cordless drills and drivers. although a little bit behind, Milwaukee has also been operating on the producer new collection of drill/drivers which they say will provide severe proficiency and unmatched efficiency within of a more compact and lighter package.

Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL means will consist of numerous new features. Most significantly, these drills may be powered with a producer new brushless motor. Why brushless? Milwaukee says that their new motors purpose more challenging and reside extended even although slicing right down audio tracks and awesome extra rapidly. … Continue Reading


Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imaging Camera

Milwaukee has announced their new M12 thermal imaging camera, product 2260-21, which additional broadens their currently great assortment of screening & diagnostics tools. The thermal imager features a 160×120 px thermal image resolution, 14-662°F temperatures range, 3.5″ 640×480 px color fluid crystal display display, also it saves pictures to an SD card (2GB included) through jpeg format.

The M12 thermal imager is capable of simultaneously capturing a thermal map with one another with a visual image, which could possibly be viewed back-and-forth in-camera or side-by-side in the report. a few of LED floodlights help illuminate dim purpose destinations visually and inside the corresponding photographs. … Continue Reading


Craftsman V4 Tools on Clearance,Possibly Discontinued

Craftsman’s extremely new V4 4-volt compact cordless assets are 75%-off this weekend. We picked up a flashlight at 50%-off two days ago, and three within of the screwdriver and cutter combo kits last evening at about $18 each.

We also attempted to purchase relatively a few spare batteries and separate assets (rotary tool, headphones, additional flashlights) devoid of success. At much lower than $4 each, we experienced other utilizes in views for individuals lithium ion batteries. And at 75%-off, another assets would have been completely in handy.

Unfortunately, all however the 2-tool combo arranged found out in stores have been completely marketed out. both that, or control pulled the batteries from show and execs capped share quantities on collection to extention the purchase longer.

Last day these assets experienced been advertised at 50%-off, and now 75%-off. Why? Our guess could possibly be the actuality that maybe these assets are getting discontinued. right here is ordinarily a discussion we experienced owning a full-time system dept. associate at our nearby Sears:

TG: can you have any within of the Craftsman V4 batteries in stock?
Sears: The what? I’m not acquainted with that, could you describe it?
TG: they are the brand new compact 4V tools. there is a show greater than there, however it appears such as the batteries experienced been all marketed or moved.
Sears: Let’s stroll greater than there, I’m even now not particular about whatever you are referring to.
*We stroll greater than toward the Craftsman V4 show which has long been up for on the very very least 4 weeks.*
TG: Here’s the display.
Sears: Oh, wow, this could possibly be the original time I am seeing tools! … Continue Reading


You Can Use an Impact Driver to Drill Holes, But Should You?

A different days ago, somebody over in the Garage diary forum inquired about no issue whether you can drill with an result driver. The discussion then turned toward how drastically hold out there is within of a 1/4″ hex chuck.

The short response may be the simple fact which you can use hex-shank drill bits in an result driver. But need to you? before to I response that, I should insist which you only use impact-rated drill bits in an result driver. in the event you take advantage of normal bits and find adequate resistance to engage the result mechanism, there’s a tremendous probability of potentially hazardous little failure. … Continue Reading


BatteriesPlus Rayovac Replacement NiCd Tool Battery Recall

BatteriesPlus is recalling about 111,800 replacement power tool batteries due to the risk of an unexpected explosion. There were five incidents reported, with no injuries.

These batteries have been marketed at BatteriesPlus spots and on the internet and ranged from 2.4V to 18V in sizes and variations to suit several brands’ energy tools: dark and Decker, Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Panasonic, Ryobi and Skil. … Continue Reading