New Mini Maglite Pro & Pro+ LED Flashlights

Maglite remains to be heavily marketing their XL sequence of LED flashlights, which include the recently additional XL200 flagship model, but two new designs are keeping their hugely selected mini Maglite collection alive and using the times.
Mini Maglite Pro

The mini Maglite expert is dependent away in precisely the exact same 2xAA design and design that remains to be near to for much more than 25 years. It attributes a brand brand new newest technology LED module, conventional twisty mind switch, and what seems like new energy regulation. As with other mini Maglites, the optics allow for area to flood beam focusing. … Continue Reading


Target LED Flashlights Pose Fire & Burn Hazard

Target has voluntarily recalled 55,000 6-piece LED flashlight sets due to a fire and burn hazard. It has been reported that, when turned on, these flashlights can heat up to the point of smoking or melting. Thus far there have been four incidents, including two minor burn hand injuries.

These sets have been priced at $10 and have been marketed from Oct 2010 by method of Dec 2011. … Continue Reading