909 Oscillating Spindle Sander Woodcraft Deal

Over at Woodcraft, they’ve complement the 909 oscillating spindle sander on selling for $100. it is obtained a 3.5A motor, heavy duty cast metal table top, dirt assortment port, and 5/8″ stroke length.

Spindle sanders create awesome last results when smoothing out curves, and using a DIY-made fence you can use them to flatten edges as well. they undoubtedly are a substantial activity up from drill press-mounted drum sanders. … Continue Reading


Hand-Powered Compact Grinding Wheel

I occasionally wish that there is some sort of the compact grinding wheel which i could just mount to my bench to take advantage of and hide in an extremely toolbox for storage. To my surprise, this kind of the unit in simple fact exists! Engineer Inc. will make two this kind of grinders, variations TG-01 and TG-02.

The more compact grinder (TG-01, below) capabilities a 75mm x 13mm grinding wheel, in add-on to the bigger one (TG-02, above) consists of a 100mm x 25mm wheel. Tabletop edge-clamp potential is 24mm and 32mm, respectively.
Engineer Inc TG 01 Grinder … Continue Reading