New ToolChanger Toolbox – Game Changing Tool Storage?

The ToolChanger is typically a producer new vertical unit box set up to replace conventional unit chests in a really expert atmosphere by providing complete and customized institution for often used hand tools. It could possibly be docked on best of the 26″rolling unit cupboard or sturdy stationary hold out surface.

ToolChanger unit Box Filled with Tools

The ToolChanger features three principal compartments – sockets and wrenches go using the bottom; screwdrivers with one another with other long-handled or shafted assets go using the middle; and pliers, hammers, with one another with other bulky things could possibly be saved inside the best shelf. Other assets could possibly be saved in a really not-included cellular unit cabinet.
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New Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drill Driver and Hammer Drill

Within the previous few of months, the two Dewalt and Bosch unveiled their newly redesigned 20V/18V cordless drills and drivers. although a little bit behind, Milwaukee has also been operating on the producer new collection of drill/drivers which they say will provide severe proficiency and unmatched efficiency within of a more compact and lighter package.

Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL means will consist of numerous new features. Most significantly, these drills may be powered with a producer new brushless motor. Why brushless? Milwaukee says that their new motors purpose more challenging and reside extended even although slicing right down audio tracks and awesome extra rapidly. … Continue Reading


Rockwell Jawhorse SheetMaster Hands-on Review

Rockwell’s JawHorse SheetMaster is their newest clamping purpose stand and improves upon the bestselling JawHorse in the quantity of areas. Most notably, the SheetMaster consists of a bigger out-of-box capacity, features two rugged wheels instead of the huge roller for mobility, and have been tweaked for more quickly set up and tear-down.

After evaluating the SheetMaster ourselves, we passed it near to to some few colleagues for next opinions. That may properly not come going to be the wisest option granted that nobody desired to provide it back!
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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imaging Camera

Milwaukee has announced their new M12 thermal imaging camera, product 2260-21, which additional broadens their currently great assortment of screening & diagnostics tools. The thermal imager features a 160×120 px thermal image resolution, 14-662°F temperatures range, 3.5″ 640×480 px color fluid crystal display display, also it saves pictures to an SD card (2GB included) through jpeg format.

The M12 thermal imager is capable of simultaneously capturing a thermal map with one another with a visual image, which could possibly be viewed back-and-forth in-camera or side-by-side in the report. a few of LED floodlights help illuminate dim purpose destinations visually and inside the corresponding photographs. … Continue Reading


ToughBuilt Tool Pouches and Bags on Sale at Sears (Many 50% Off!)

ToughBuilt could possibly be considered a producer I experienced by no implies observed of until about a thirty days or two ago. They make equipment bags, purpose belts, pouches, as well as a few interestingly produced options and purpose accessories. last thirty days I ordered a ToughBelt equipment belt and energy bag accessory, for equally evaluation and individual use. … Continue Reading


Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saws

Milwaukee recently announced two new corded lightweight strap saws which they say are 2X much more durable than competing models.

On the outside, Milwaukee utilizes a distinctive composite to armor-up the saws, supplying what they describe as impact-absorbing crush zone barriers. near to the inside, there’s an all-metal generate method that really should last lengthier and with much less servicing than chain-drive setups. … Continue Reading


Supersized MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer with 2-Color Option

MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer

If you are not acquainted with MakerBot or what a 3D printer is, confirm out this intro to 3D printing video. within of a nutshell, 3D printers are CNC-like products with additive plastic material extruders that lay comfortably threads of molten substance within of a pattern to create layered 3D objects.

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Craftsman Contour Powered Tool Storage

Earlier this month, Craftsman announced their new Contour powered system bins in the customer Electronics Show. the brand new ball bearing chest and cell cupboard combo is produced for that multi-tasking Do-It-Yourselfer who desires to amp up the workspace. at the same time to storing tools, the powered Contour method is produced to connect with one another with your tracks and phone.

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