Target LED Flashlights Pose Fire & Burn Hazard

Target has voluntarily recalled 55,000 6-piece LED flashlight sets due to a fire and burn hazard. It has been reported that, when turned on, these flashlights can heat up to the point of smoking or melting. Thus far there have been four incidents, including two minor burn hand injuries.

These sets have been priced at $10 and have been marketed from Oct 2010 by method of Dec 2011. The option will be to return the flashlight sets to any concentrate on store for just about any entire refund.

Sounds to me like a massive design and design flaw in which flashlight bodies and LED modules have been slapped collectively with out regard to appropriate heatsink design. this really is why everyone must turn into cautious of all people “special buys” that pop up all through the winter holiday purchasing season.

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