The Quick Change System

One using the most effective troubles delaying reloading bench, has long been my prepared fast alter system. offered which i want this type of the precise suit in between the bench as well as the fast alter products (QCU), I come going to be hesitant to begin slicing (a mistake will reselling price me a at very least of $48 for just about any new sheet of plywood).

I know most woodworking stores will make cuts such as this all evening long, devoid of breaking a sweat, but I do not have precision tools. I’m stuck producing utilization of straight edges, clamps, as well as a affordable round saw.

So, I hoped that sharing my programs would support lose some lumination on why i have been somewhat unproductive.

As you can see, it is a “ghetto” design, producing utilization of two layers of 3/4″ plywood. using the QCU bases, the best layer is 8″ broad by 9″ deep; as well as the bottom layer is 10″ square. Corresponding cuts are made in to the sheets concerning the bench.

By producing utilization of the system, I can use precisely the identical bench placement for all of my reloading tasks. The Rock Chucker is rarely utilized for reloading purposes, it will stay difficult mounted concerning another bench, for bullet swaging.

When the “dovetails” are not in use, I can insert a blank QCU, for just about any flush bench top.

The dovetail concerning the much best suited is for metallic cartridge reloading press use. The dovetail even although in the center is for situation trimmer and shot shell press use. The slot concerning the left is for overflow storage, powder determine use, lasting expansion, or (if two males and females are producing utilization of the bench) the Dillon 550B progressive. even although in the lasting the slot concerning the left may be also utilized to mount a direct cable tv set cutter or key mold (for bullet swaging); however the key mold is only an option if I produce some an amazing offer better ventilation.

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